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We’re just a few months away from kicking off the SMITE World Championships as part of Hi-Rez Expo at DreamHack Atlanta! This 3-day live event will be the culmination of Season 5, and our top teams from all over the world will hit the Battleground to fight for glory and more than $1 million in prizing for PC and console. Many will enter, but only one will walk away as the SMITE Season 5 World Champions!

Below you’ll find all the details you need to know regarding the SMITE World Championships at DreamHack Atlanta — including format, participating teams, and day-by-day schedules. We’ll also go over information regarding the placement rounds for this event, which will happen a week before HRX at DreamHack.


SMITE World Championships Placement Round


Dates: November 5 – November 10


Before our top SMITE teams head to DreamHack Atlanta for the World Championships, they’ll have to fight through our placement round to earn one of the eight available seats in the championship bracket.


Format & Teams


There will be a total of 14 teams participating in the Placement Round. While the top 2 NA SPL and top 2 EU SPL teams will automatically get a bye into the World Championship bracket, the rest of our SPL, SGS, and SML teams will have to fight for their spots in a grueling bracket.

Participating teams for the Placement Round are as follows, and are listed in order of seeding.

1. Obey Alliance (SPL EU 3)
2. Spacestation (SPL NA 3)
3. Team Rival (SPL EU 4)
4. Trifecta (SPL NA 4)
5. mousesports (SPL EU 5)
6. Counter Logic Gaming (SPL NA 5)
7. SK Gaming (SPL EU 6)
8. Luminosity Gaming (SPL NA 6)
9. SGS LATAM (Winner of Nocturns vs Loto Gaming)
10. No-Ping Esports (SGS Brazil)
11. Athletico Esports (SGS OCE)
12. Get On My Level (SGS SEA)
13. Insignem (SML EU)
14. Armada Esports (SPL NA)

These 14 teams will make their way through the Placement round using the following format:

  • Double-elimination bracket
  • Best-of-three (Bo3) matches

The top 4 teams who make it through the bracket will continue on to face off against the top 2 SPL NA and EU teams in the main SMITE World Championship bracket during DreamHack Atlanta.


Match Schedule


The SMITE World Championship Placement Round will run from Monday, November 5 until Saturday, November 10. These games will be broadcasted on all our official channels — including Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube.

Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of what matches you can expect to see on each day. Games will begin at 9:00 AM ET each day.

Monday, November 5

  • Match 1: Luminosity vs SGS LATAM
  • Match 2: Trifecta vs Insignem
  • Match 3: mousesports vs Get On My Level
  • Match 4: SK Gaming vs No-Ping Esports

Tuesday, November 6

  • Match 5: Team Rival vs Armada
  • Match 6: Counter Logic Gaming vs Athletico
  • Match 7: Loser of Match 2 vs Loser of Match 3
  • Match 8: Loser of Match 5 vs Loser of Match 6

Wednesday, November 7

  • Match 9: Obey Alliance vs Winner of Match 1
  • Match 10: Winner of Match 2 vs Winner of Match 3
  • Match 11: Spacestation vs Winner of Match 4
  • Match 12: Winner of Match 5 vs Winner of Match 6

Thursday, November 8

  • Match 13: Loser of Match 12 vs Loser of Match 1
  • Match 14: Loser of Match 11 vs Winner of Match 7
  • Match 15: Loser of Match 10 vs Loser of Match 4
  • Match 16: Loser of Match 9 vs Winner of Match 8

Friday, November 9

  • Match 17: Winner of Match 9 vs Winner of Match 10
  • Match 18: Winner of Match 11 vs Winner of Match 12
  • Match 19: Winner of Match 13 vs Winner of Match 14
  • Match 20: Winner of Match 15 vs Winner of Match 16

Saturday, November 10

  • Match 21: Loser of Match 17 vs Winner of Match 19
  • Match 22: Loser of Match 18 vs Winner of Match 20
  • Match 23: Winner of Match 17 vs Winner of Match 18
  • Match 24: Winner of Match 21 vs Winner of Match 22



SMITE World Championships at DreamHack Atlanta


Dates: November 16 – 18


After fighting through the placement round, the 4 teams who earned their qualifying spots will continue on to compete against the 4 teams who earned a bye in the SMITE World Championship during HRX at DreamHack Atlanta. The format for our championship bracket is as follows:

  • Single-elimination bracket
  • Best-of-three (Bo3) quarterfinals
  • Best-of-five (Bo5) semifinals
  • Best-of-five (Bo5) Grand Finals

Participating teams will be seeded according to how they finished in the placement rounds, with the 4 SPL teams who received a bye occupying the top slots:

1. Team Dignitas (#1 EU)
2. eUnited (#1 NA)
3. NRG Esports (#2 EU)
4. Splyce (#2 NA)
5. Placement Round Winner (#1 seed)
6. Placement Round Runner-Up (#2 seed)
7. Placement Round semifinalist (#3 seed)
8. Placement Round semifinalist (#4 seed)


Match Schedule


From November 16-18, every game in the SMITE World Championship will be broadcasted on all our official channels — including Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube. But you can head to our new streaming site to watch the tournament feeds from the platform of your choosing!

Friday, November 16 (Quarterfinals)

  • Match 1: Team Dignitas vs Placement Round 4
  • Match 2: Splyce vs Placement Round 1
  • Match 3: eUnited vs Placement Round 3
  • Match 4: NRG Esports vs Placement Round 2

Saturday, November 17 (Semifinals)

  • Match 5: Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2
  • Match 6: Winner of Match 3 vs Winner of Match 4

Sunday, November 18 (Grand Finals)

  • Match 7: Winner of Match 5 vs Winner of Match 6



That’s all the information we have for now! If you haven’t already, be sure to purchase tickets for HRX 2018 at DreamHack Atlanta so you can watch the SMITE World Championships LIVE at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @SmitePro for more updates as we get closer to the event!