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When it comes to competitive SMITE, everyone wants to call themselves the best in their region. But for North America, that title currently belongs to eUnited — thanks to their impressive performance in Season 4 so far.

Originally known as NME and guided by PainDeViande, this team has been struggling to break past the mid-tier spectrum of competitive play since Season 2 worlds. But things started to turn around when the squad made some roster changes and took on the eUnited name. Benji and PandaCat — the only long-standing members of the original NME team — played pivotal roles in deciding who to bring on to further benefit the team. At the beginning of the Season 4 Summer Split, the newly branded eUnited decided to replace its captain and brought on PolarBearMike to play the part. But at first, the improvements didn’t come easy.


“We had a lot of internal issues with arguments and discussions over how to work together and it cost us some big sets.” –PolarBearMike


It was evident that even with roster changes, seeing real success would be a long and challenging road. But it was a journey that PolarBearMike was more than happy to embark on with this new team. After coming short of qualifying for the S4 Summer Split finals at Dreamhack Valencia, the eUnited boys went right back to the drawing board and started reworking their strategies to better themselves for the Fall Split. They also needed to find a replacement for their mid-laner, Khaos, as he joined the ranks of Hi-Rez. That’s when Venenu came into the picture and changed the game.


“Once we got Venenu and I saw how our team atmosphere improved, particularly with Scream having more fun, I think we just kind of took off.” –PolarBearMike


At the start of the S4 Fall Split, eUnited was more fired up than ever before to prove to everyone that they really were the best NA team this season. For the entirety of the Fall Split, nearly every NA team (except Luminosity) failed to secure a win against this new roster — ensuring that eUnited would end up running the NA side of Super Regionals. The team not only qualified for worlds, but took the first seed to boot.


“When I joined the team in the Fall Split I saw a first place team not a middle of the pack type team that we were ‘supposed’ to be.” –Venenu


For a team that had only one split to fully mesh before attempting to qualify for worlds, eUnited has certainly earned the title of being the best team in North America — especially after achieving first seed status. And a large portion of this success can be attributed to the newer members of the squad, PolarBearMike and Venenu.


“When I joined the team PolarBearMike was super supportive and helped me grow a lot. I can tell from what the other guys have told me that Mike has made the team environment workable with and the atmosphere much better. Mike is also very knowledgeable about the game and a very smart dude. He knows how to lead a team from being at the bottom and change them to be all top tier players and make there dreams come true […]”

“…Scream also plays much better when he is around his friends he has had for awhile… With the addition of me since we were friends for 5 years now, we had really good synergy together and it allowed him to have fun and focus on his own play.” –Venenu


Needless to say, the synergy is strong with this team — and their performance this split proves that good synergy might be the most important factor in forming a successful competitive SMITE roster. The massive improvement in eUnited’s competitive rankings is just what happens when you put together 5 players who feel comfortable and confident with each other. If you ask any of the players yourself, they’ll usually say something along the lines of what PBM said to me:


“I expected to be a top team and I’m happy with how everyone has progressed and improved together.”


With the next stop on eUnited’s list being the 2018 SMITE World Championship in January, the team has more motivation than ever to continue grinding so they can prove that not only can they hang with the European powerhouse teams, but they can also defeat them. It’s been a non-stop uphill battle for eUnited in the SMITE competitive circuit, but it’s a challenge that every member on this team is excited to overcome.

You can watch this NA team and the rest of SMITE’s pro players take the stage at HRX starting January 4th. If you aren’t able to make it to Atlanta to see the event live, you can still get in on the action at a participating Coke Theater near you — or you can tune in via the HiRezTV Twitch channel to cheer on your favorite team in chat and get sweet loot rewards. No matter how you join us, we’re excited to see you at worlds!