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We just wrapped up Day 1 of the SMITE World Championship at HRX 2018, which saw eight teams face off in the placement round. These fast-paced, best-of-one (Bo1) matches determined who would jump straight to the next round and who would have to fight through the knockout round to keep the championship dream alive.

When the dust settled on the Battleground of the Gods today, four teams — NRG (Europe), Elevate (Europe), Luminosity Gaming (North America), and Obey Alliance (Europe) — had earned their seats beside top-seeded teams Rival (EU) and eUnited (NA) in the quarterfinals round. Let’s recap what went down on this exciting first day.

Match 1:  Luminosity vs. Scylla Esports

Winner:  Luminosity


The first match of the day pitted #2 NA seed Luminosity Gaming against Oceanic team Scylla Esports. This Bo1 set saw Luminosity put the screws on Scylla very quickly. Scylla’s jungler, Evisionise, plays a very strong Bellona — but LG kept invading and prevented it from ever taking off. With Bellona out of the picture, it was a quick crumble for the Aussies.

Match 2: NRG vs. Nocturns Gaming

Winner: NRG


In the day’s second match, two-time defending world champions and EU powerhouse NRG took on the top-seeded team from LATAM. NRG may have struggled during the regular season, but during the last LAN, the team looked much more impressive. Here at HRX, the five-man squad looked like the old NRG, with Adapting leading the charge.

For NRG, things were simple. Adapting played Ravana jungle, and everything else just fell into place. King Kennet didn’t find a death, but found many kills — thus securing his team the victory over the Latin Americans.

Match 3: Obey vs. Entity

Winner: Obey Alliance


The third match of the day pitted the #2 EU seed against the #1 seeded team from Southeast Asia (SEA). Perhaps the most one-sided match of the day, Obey played out of their minds.

Entity started off with a good strategy. Their hunter went into midlane, with a He Bo in the long lane. Unfortunately, what looked great on paper did not translate to the battlefield. In just 17 minutes, Obey shut down every objective, took the upper hand in nearly every encounter, and secured the victory. 

Match 4: Elevate vs. Black Dragons

Winner: Elevate


In the final placement match of the day, we saw EU underdog team Elevate take on the dominant Brazilian team, Black Dragons. Kliz, the solo laner for Black Dragons, came in with a bunch of name power — but that didn’t translate to a win for Black Dragons.

Elevate stuck to the same game plan we saw back at Super Regionals — three frontliners, two backliners — and it paid off. That strategy has been their way to win all year, and today was no exception. With Cherryo making some fantastic plays on his jungle Ymir, Elevate brought home the win.


Standings & What’s Next


As we head into Day 2 of the SMITE World Championship, we’ll be watching the teams who didn’t quite make the cut in the placement rounds go toe-to-toe in the knockout round for one last-ditch effort at making it to quarterfinals. These best of three sets will go down between the following four teams:

  • 11:15 AM EST – Entity vs. Black Dragons
  • 2:00 PM EST – Scylla Esports vs Nocturns Gaming

We’ve also got some console matches coming up tomorrow, so stick around after the PC matches are over to get even more SMITE action.

  • 4:45 PM EST – Strictly Business vs. Myth Gaming
  • 7:30 PM EST – Astral Authority vs. Obey Alliance

Be sure to tune into these matches on the official HiRezTV Twitch channel to catch all the action and earn loot rewards. You can also follow us on Twitter @SmitePro to get by-the-minute updates on upcoming games, match results, and more.

See you tomorrow!