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It’s a small world in the SCL, and only four Xbox teams made it to the Console Championships stage at HRX 2018 — all of them from North America. But that doesn’t mean that these matches weren’t still action-packed! In today’s best-of-three (Bo3) semifinals, Astral Authority, Strictly Business, Obey Alliance, and Myth Gaming went head-to-head on the Battleground of the Gods to claim one of only two spots in the Grand Finals round.

In case you missed it, here’s recap of what went down on the first day of the SMITE Console Championships.


Match 1: Myth Gaming vs. Strictly Business


Winner: Myth Gaming (2-1)


This first set was a North American face-off between Myth and Strictly Business. In this intense matchup, SB got off to a great start. They took Game 1 with ease, but then they ran into a red-hot Keegsmate. Myth Gaming’s hunter turned it up and secured his team two back-to-back victories.

Game 1 was all SB. Boronic had a great game on Raijin, and Fatal Ghost dominated on Ah Muzen Cab. They consistently took team fights and looked very strong.

Game 2 started out as more of the same. SB was taking team fights but couldn’t find any objectives, then Keegsmate started making plays. He was the first player to get a chance to play the heavily-contested Ullr, and he made SB pay for failing to ban that god. Crimson also hit a very important Janus snipe to give Myth momentum, which they carried to a Game 2 victory.

Game 3 was all Keegs. He had the option to take top pick AMC, but instead opted for Hou Yi — which proved to be a wise decision. Keegs had multiple insane Ricochets and gave Myth a snowball start. They never slowed down on their way to securing their spot in the finals on Saturday.


Match 2: Obey Alliance vs. Astral Authority


Winner: Astral Authority (2-0)


On the other side of the semifinals bracket, Obey Alliance looked to defend their title against the favorites to take the title from them, Astral Authority. AA has won every single console LAN this year, but the team is much more concerned about winning the championship than early-season LANs.

Obey got off to a good start in Game 1, with reigning MVP DeltaMarine72 showing off what the newest goddess, Discordia, can do. Unfortunately for Obey, they couldn’t maintain the momentum they got going at the start of the game. In spite of a strange draft that featured off-meta picks like Chang’e, Astral came back to claim Game 1 on the back of Transonics — who snowballed to level 20 and burned down everything in his path.

In Game 2, Obey couldn’t get off the ground. KhaoticPurpose played Da Ji beautifully in this game, constantly forcing enemy ults and purification beads.


Standings & What’s Next


There aren’t any knockout rounds or second changes in this brutal bracket, which means that Strictly Business and Obey are totally out of the running for the SMITE Console Championship title. But there’s still hope for Astral Authority and Myth Gaming.

These two teams will get a day to rest and regroup before taking the grand finals stage on Saturday (January 6). Here’s the match schedule for this final set so you don’t miss a minute:

  • 6:30 PM EST – Myth Gaming vs. Astral Authority

This is sure to be a close set, so make sure you tune in to the official HiRezTV Twitch channel and pull for your favorite console team while earning sweet loot rewards for watching. You can also keep up with all the latest updates, match results, and more via @SmitePro on Twitter.

See you tomorrow!