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We’re officially halfway through the SMITE World Championship at HRX 2018, and only four teams are left in the running for the coveted hammer trophy. After some intense matches in this quarterfinal round, eUnited, NRG eSports, Team Rival, and Obey Alliance still have a shot at taking home this year’s championship title. It does mean eUnited are the last remaining hope for NA, while EU is still well-represented.

Unfortunately for Nocturns Gaming (LatAm), Luminosity Gaming (NA), Black Dragons (Brazil), and Elevate (EU) today marks the end of their journey in Season 4.

These Bo3 sets brought out some of the best plays we’ve seen in the SPL this year, and fans were on the edges of their seats from start to finish. Here’s a look back at how the quarterfinals played out on the Battleground of the Gods.


Match 1: Team RivaL vs. Nocturns Gaming


Winner: TEAM RIVAL (2-0)


The first match of the day pitted Team RivaL against Nocturns Gaming. This set was RivaL’s first time playing this event, and they looked like they benefited from the warm-up. Despite a strong showing from the LATAM hopefuls, RivaL was able to pull out the match win — but it didn’t come easy.

Game 1 seemed to be all about Wlfy, who played Raijin expertly. He finished 8/0/6 and lead Rival to a pretty straightforward Game 1 win. Game 2 was much, much closer. Wlfy took Hachiman mid while Vote took Thoth to the long lane — and it looked uncomfortable to say the least.  Nocturns forced the game to go 54 minutes, largely on the back of an all-star performance by Nozq on Raijin. But RivaL would win the game in the end, taking the set 2-0.


Match 2: Luminosity Gaming vs NRG ESPORTS


Winner: NRG ESPORTS (2-0)


The second set of the day was perhaps the most highly anticipated match of this year’s SMITE World Championship. Hometown heroes Luminosity Gaming took the stage to challenge two-time champions NRG. It didn’t quite live up to the hype, however, as NRG won two straight games to end the series. Game 1 was hard fought, but Game 2 seemed to be in NRG’s control the whole time.

The first game was back and forth, with Baskin playing out of his mind on Janus and finishing 7/1/4. When a few fights started going the way of Luminosty, Adapting put a stop to it by looping around the back of a few teamfights on Ravana and crushing Luminosity’s dreams — thus taking Game 1 for NRG.

Game 2 was not nearly as close. Maniakk and Adapting got control of solo/jungle and never gave it up. This time it only took 24 minutes for NRG to drop Luminosity’s titan.




Winner: EUNITED (2-0)


The third quarterfinals set saw eUnited go head-to-head with Black Dragons for one of the few remaining spots in the semifinals. With Luminosity out, eUnited were the last NA hope — and they played like they wanted to keep the dream alive.  The eUnited boys pulled out a clean 2-0 sweep, even though they hadn’t played yet in the event.

Benji and Pandacat dominated the battleground for eUnited. Benji finished 8/1/6 on Cu Chulainn and routinely punished Kilz and oShip, even finding a trade in a 2v1 fight in solo. With such a powerhouse performance, eUnited won Game 1 in just over 25 minutes.

Game 2 was more of the same, except this time Venenu got to shine a little more. He played The Morrigan and used his Changeling ultimate to give his team two Bellonas. Hard to beat. Game 2 would go eUnited’s way as well.



Winner: OBEY ALLIANCE (2-0)


In the fourth and final match of the day, Elevate vied against Obey Alliance for the last open slot in tomorrow’s semifinal round. No one was more worried for the match than the boys of Obey. At Super Regionals, Elevate put the fear into them by taking them to five games, and then cleaning up in the gauntlet. That fear seemed well earned, with both games lasting over forty minutes.

Game 1 was the Xaliea and Ataraxia show. Cherryo played Geb jungle and was effectively controlled by Obey. The triple tank comp of Elevate would eventually be defeated as Obey took Game 1.

Game 2 saw Elevate go back to their comfort picks — Cherryo on Athena, Dardez on Nox, and Jermain on Rama. But it still wouldn’t be enough. PrettyPrime went unchecked on Raijin, going 6/0/8, and that was enough to help eUnited eliminate Elevate from the tournament.


Standings & What’s Next


We’re getting down to the wire here at HRX 2018, and tomorrow marks the semifinal round of the SMITE World Championships. The four teams who have made it this far will clash once again with hopes of claiming their place in the all-important Grand Finals on Sunday (January 7).

Here’s what the semifinal match schedule will look like for tomorrow:

  • 9:30 AM EST – Team RivaL vs. NRG Esports
  • 2:00 PM EST – eUnited vs. Obey Alliance

We’re betting that tomorrow will be one of the most action-packed days yet, and you don’t want to miss a minute of it! So tune in to the official HiRezTV Twitch channel to see how the semifinals play out (and pick up some exclusive loot while you do). You can also keep up with match results, game schedules, and more by following @SmitePro on Twitter.

See you tomorrow!