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Being a champion ain’t easy, and the two console teams who took the stage today at HRX 2018 have endured a strenuous season to make it this far in the SMITE Console League. Today, all the blood, sweat, and tears that those two teams put in came to a head in the Grand Finals round of the Console Championships.

In the pinnacle match of this SCL season, Astral Authority faced off against Myth Gaming to determine who was the true champion on the Battleground of the Gods. No one was really surprised to see that it only took three games to determine the victor in this B05 set, but nearly everyone was caught off guard by the fact that Myth Gaming accomplished the unthinkable by sweeping Astral Authority.

Despite the fact that Astral Authority have won the past three LANs in Season 4, Myth Gaming weren’t any less determined to try and pull out the upset against the North American console giants. After just barely qualifying for the World Championship off the back of CAZ Gaming defeating SoaR, Myth Gaming played lights out for 3 straight games in a row — not only toppling Astral Authority but displaying clear control over them as well.

Game 1 was fairly straightforward for Myth. Astral Authority took a massive risk in drafting a high burst, single-target, execution-based composition — permitting Myth Gaming to acquire high preference picks of their liking. Jumpahhh ran rampant the entire match with Ravana jungle, completely dismantling Astral’s backline and preventing their carries from ever coming online for the duration of the game. Despite numerous attempts to turn team fights in their favor, Astral just couldn’t ever turn the tides in their favor, ultimately leading to Myth drawing first blood in the set.

Game 2 had a fairly similar outcome as Game 1 for Jumpahhh, in that his Nemesis was unstoppable the entire game. Participating in over 90% of his team’s overall kills, Jumpahhh at one point even managed to have a 15/0/9 KDA up until a final base siege where a phoenix shot was finally able to take him down. Myth applied enormous amounts of pressure throughout the map, preventing Astral from ever having the chance to recover from having lost an early duo lane fight that ended up dictating the pacing of the match in Myth’s favor. Unfortunately for Astral, Myth tore apart their whole team, causing the set score to go to 2-0.

With everything on the line for Astral Authority, they finally resorted to bringing out a draft that’d been more similar to the drafts they’d been running all season long. The start of Game 3 was incredibly promising for Astral, as they were able to acquire some very early picks against Myth funneling into them building up a small lead for themselves. For a moment it seemed as though Astral was gaining enough momentum to reel in Game 3 at last and come one step closer to taking back the set, but it was a short-lived victory. Myth quickly tied up the score against Astral, as Jumpahhh once again maneuvered effortlessly into Astral’s backline, taking out the carries as he pleased on Susano. What was once a promising match for Astral soon turned into an absolute bloodbath, as Myth continued to have their way with the 3-time LAN champs of Season 4.

Before the start of this set Jumpahhh had confidently exclaimed it’d be Myth toting the Console HRX trophy. Actions speak louder than words, and in this circumstance Myth Gaming was able to back up Jumpahhh’s confidence by landing the 3-0 against Astral Authority.

It’s been an incredible journey for all the teams who made it to this year’s HRX, but none moreso than Myth Gaming — who are now the reigning SMITE Console Champions! They worked hard to earn this victory, and it’s been amazing to watch their performance throughout this season. Congratulations to all the guys on this team–Inbowned, Delnyy, Jumpahhh, Crimson, and Keegsmate. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the table in the next season of the SMITE Console League.

That wraps up the console leg of the SMITE World Championships at HRX 2018! It’s only a few short months until our next season gets underway, though, so stay tuned to @SmitePro for more updates as we get closer to our first split of 2018. We’ll see you then!