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It’s been a grueling journey for the two teams who took the grand finals stage today at the SMITE World Championships. After battling their way through the brackets and surviving some seriously close calls, they arrived in the final round with only one thing on their minds: winning.

In the culminatory match of Season 4’s SPL, eUnited (NA) took on Team RivaL (EU) to see who really was the best SMITE team in the world this year. When all was said and done on the Battleground of the Gods, eUnited came out victorious and took home the coveted hammer trophy and the world championship title.

We hope you didn’t miss out on this intense finals set for yourself. But in case you did, here’s a rundown of how it all went down.

eUnited vs. Team RivaL

Winner: eUnited (3-1)


Things started off with a comfort pick for Screammmm as he got his signature Bastet. As iceicebaby attempted to invade backharpies against eUnited, he got 3-man collapsed on at the 2-minute mark for an early first blood going Screammmm’s way. The transition for this Odin was a big struggle as he attempted to go for a utility style with a lot of movement speed. The Swift Wing, on top of the traveler boots and winged blade, did not provide the damage that Team RivaL needed. As a result, there wasn’t much synergy with his mid laner Wlfy, who got his preferred first-pick Raijin against Venenu’s Discordia. Add Benji and his aggressive Cu Chulainn, and that was the recipe for success as eUnited dominated Rival in the first game and closed it out in less than 32 minutes.

Game 2 was a different story for Team RivaL. With eUnited’s fantastic performance yesterday defeating Obey Alliance 3-0, RivaL would not allow this to to be their fate. Feeling confident and almost arrogant, eUnited attempted an early dive between RivaL’s tier one and two duo lane towers. Both KaLaS and Vote survived the onslaught while taking out Venenu and PandaCat.

The Geb support for KaLaS was all over the place, making the plays happen as he set up two additional kills shortly after in the solo lane to take out Screammmm and Benji. After repeated pressure on the solo lane as Screammmm died three times in a row without a kill, iceicebaby established a two-level lead and absolutely popped off for the remainder of the game.

With a free gold fury at 15 minutes, another one at 20, then a Fire Giant at 21:30, RivaL began the path towards victory. Vision control wasn’t in eUnited’s favor. Shortly after two phoenixes were demolished in the mid and right solo lane, RivaL reset to get a second late game Fire Giant objective to close out the game in 29 minutes.

Even more wild picks came from eUnited in Game 4 as they last picked Zeus and selected the USA skin! RivaL had the early lead with an early Gold Fury that wasn’t contested, but eUnited could not be counted out. Feeling bold and ambitious, RivaL baited out Fire Giant only to leash it to find an early pick onto Venenu. However, once they attempted this strategy again, they got caught with their pants down. Wlfy mistimed his Poseidon’s Kraken, and it was actually eUnited who secured the late game objective!

That was all the momentum and energy that the team needed. With the crowd supporting the North Americans as they chanted “U-S-A!” after every pick or every great play from Venenu’s USA Zeus, RivaL were brought down and eUnited finally broke the NA curse!

Congratulations eUnited!


After a hard-fought journey throughout the Season 4 SPL and HRX 2018, eUnited are your new SMITE World Champions! Congratulations to all the guys on this squad — PandaCat, PolarBearMike, Venenu, Screammmm, and Benji. They worked hard for this trophy, and it’s been a heck of a ride to watch their performance throughout this season. We look forward to seeing what the eUnited boys can bring to the table in Season 5!

That wraps it all up for this season of the SMITE Pro League, but it’s only a few short months before Season 5 gets underway. Stay tuned to @SmitePro on Twitter for more updates as we get closer to the start of the Spring Split. We’ll see you then!