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We’re coming up fast on the next season of SMITE, which means a slew of updates and changes are coming to the game in the next few weeks. If you want to test out some of the new and rebalanced content before it hits live servers across the globe, you can install our PTS (public test server).

This server is used for testing major patches before they’re launched in full, and only goes live for specific windows of time when such testing is needed. But you can get in on the PTS action by following the steps below to download and install the test environment.

  • Note: As of January 2019, PTS can only be downloaded via the SMITE Steam Client.


How to Install SMITE PTS with Steam


1. On the SMITE Store Page, find a small box containing the word “Notice” above the “Play SMITE” button.
2. Within this box, click the hyperlink text “Click here”.
3. Begin the Test Server Client download via the window that pops up.
4. You will then find the game listed in your library as “SMITE – Public Test”.


PTS Limitations & Things to Know


Before you participate in the PTS, you’ll want to read and understand the parameters and limitations of this client below.

  • Even if you’ve been playing a new patch on PTS, you’ll still need to download that patch in your regular client when the “real” patch is delivered.
  • Occassionally, only practice queues will be available in PTS. Queues have a limited availability for two reasons:
    • The PTS server capacity isn’t significant enough to run a lot of matches at once.
    • We don’t expect a large test population, which often affects a player’s ability to get into timely matches.
  • Your PTS player record, including Gems/XP/Favor/Level/etc., will reflect what your player record was about 1 week ago (as this is when the test database was mirrored). In some tests, we will also give gems to all accounts on the PTS server only, and these do NOT carry over to live versions.
    • TL;DR: Don’t freak out! No matter what your PTS account looks like, your live account is unaffected.
  • Rewards earned on PTS (including XP, Favor, Worshipers, etc.) do not carry over to live. These two environments are not connected.
  • The PTS client will allow you to buy gems, but they will only be applied to your live account. So you will not see these gems in the test environment, but they’ll appear when you log back into regular SMITE.


That’s all there is to it! You can now log in and enjoy some play time in the SMITE public test environment. Just don’t forget to report any issues you encounter to our official PTS forum threads (linked above).

Stay tuned to the @SmitePro Twitter page for by-the-minute updates on PTS news, patch notes, and more!