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There’s a lot of change coming with the new season of SMITE, and a brand new map means a total revitalization of the jungler role in Conquest. We’ve already laid out who we think will be the best junglers in Season 5 — but no matter how good a jungler or assassin is in the current meta, you’ll have to build them right if you want to be an effective part of your team.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard part and put together some basic assassin builds for Patch 5.1 that are well-suited to all various types of gods in this role. Whether you’re piloting a magical jungler, an auto-attacking assassin, or an all-purpose executioner, there’s a build in this guide for you. Experiment with these item paths on your favorite assassins and see just how well you do in the Season 5 jungle.


All-Purpose Assassin Build


Gotta. Go. Fast. With a bigger map to roam in Season 5, standard assassins will want to prioritize movement speed items to help them race between objectives and close gaps between escaping enemies. If you’re jumping into the jungle, this core build will work on basically any assassin.

  • Assassin’s Blessing
  • Talaria Boots
  • Heartseeker
  • Crusher

This is kind of a one-size-fits -all build with stats that most assassins can make sure of. Forgoing a little power early on to make room for some extra movement speed won’t punish you too much in the early game, especially with the Heartseeker pickup to fill the power gap while also adding even more movement speed is ideal for Season 5 assassins like Bastet and Ne Zha.

Of course, there are item slots let open once you get the core items listed above. What you pick for those remaining slots will depend almost entirely on your team’s needs and what the enemy composition is throwing your way. You can build some extra power and penetration, more crit if you need it, or other situational items to help you dominate the jungle or perform better in team fights.


Mage Assassin Build


When it comes to magical assassins, Ao Kuang is obviously the king. But with the more consistent jungle respawns, being invaded is less of a risk — which opens the door for more mages to roam the jungle. Gods like Poseidon, Anubis, and Freya really have a chance to fill a new role in Season 5. If you pick up a mage assassin for your jungle, here’s what you should think about building:

  • Assassin’s Blessing
  • Shoes of the Magi or Shoes of Focus
  • Doom Orb
  • Spear of the Magus, Spear of Desolation, or Divine Ruin
  • Ethereal Staff
  • Book of the Dead
  • Soul Gem
  • Rod of Tahuti

Obviously, not all 10 items listed above will fit into your build path — so you’ll have to make some decisions about how you want to engage in team fights and what items will synergize best with your kit and strategy.

When you’re starting this build, Assassin’s Blessing is a near must if you’re jungling. The extra damage to camps and subsequent increase in clear speed is critical to maintaining a good rate of farming. Once you’ve picked up that starter blessing, you can opt for either penetration boots (Shoes of the Magi) or cooldown boots (Shoes of Focus). For most magical assassins though, penetration boots will probably be the better choice. There will be plenty of games where you’ll want more penetration than is easily available.

Once you’ve got your starter items and boots online, you’ll want to focus on building more power, mobility, and penetration. Doom Orb is an excellent Tier 2 item that’s cheap and increases your mobility. And nearly every mage who is viable in the jungle can make excellent use of Spear of the Magus, but Spear of Desolation and Divine Ruin are also great penetration options.

In the late game, Ethereal Staff, Book of the Dead, and Soul Gem are great options for getting that extra push of damage. Rod of Tahuti can also be a worthwhile pickup. In spite of the recent changes to this item, it’s still excellent in team fight situations. Let your team bring the enemy front line to half health, then you get to make use of the new Tahuti passive to tear through them.

Any build featuring the items above will pack enough of a punch that the other team will feel your impact. However, items like Book of the Dead and Rod of Tahuti are very expensive for traditional junglers, so you’ll need to focus in your farm if you want to pick them up and make a serious impact.

If you need some cheaper options, Bancroft’s Talon is an excellent early game damage item that boasts some sustain as well. Shaman’s Ring is another option that will give you some extra movement speed and power.

Unlike physical assassins, magical assassins can’t rely nearly as much on their auto-attacks to fill in the last bits of damage and finish off a low-health target. As such, items like Ethereal Staff are critical for squeezing out every bit of damage possible in your ability rotation.


Auto-Attacking Assassin Build


If you’re piloting an assassin who depends heavily on basic attacks to shred through enemies, this is the build for you! Like most assassins, the auto-attackers want to prioritize movement speed and kill potential. However, instead of the Crushers and Heartseekers that other assassins like, ADC assassins such as Mercury, Kali, and Arachne rely heavily on the Katana tree. Here’s what you can build for these gods:

  • Assassin’s Blessing
  • Talaria Boots
  • Stone Cutting Sword
  • Hastened Katana
  • Executioner
  • Qin’s Sais
  • Asi, Bloodforge, or Masamune

The build above will work for most auto-attackers, but it’s not necessarily ideal for a god like Mercury. If you’re building Merc, you might want to consider this item path instead:

  • Assassin’s Blessing
  • Talaria Boots
  • Stone Cutting Sword
  • Deathbringer
  • Rage, Malice, or Wind Demon
  • Titan’s Bane or Bloodforge

These builds are fairly self-explanatory — maximize your auto-attack damage and increase your movement speed so you can stick to fleeing targets and shred them. ADC assassins who rely on attack speed and quick hits will be able to utilize Qin’s Sais to quickly chew through front and back liners alike. And items like Hastened Katana will make sure that as long as you keep landing your basic attacks, no one will be able to outrun your fury.

Mercury is a little bit different from other auto-attack assassins, though, because his passive lends itself to big bursts of damage off his first auto attack. With the full crit build we’ve suggested above, you can push quadruple digits on that opening hit.




As we head into Season 5, these assassin builds should help you dominate no matter who you take into the jungle. But before you jump into your first games, be sure to check out our guide to the Conquest map to read up on all the changes and how you can adjust your playstyle accordingly.

Of course, these builds are subject to change as balance changes come through with future updates after Patch 5.1 — but we’ll be updating these builds as the meta shifts, so keep checking back to see if you’re still building the right way as patches change up the game. While you’re here, though, you can also check out our other build guides so you’re prepared for any role:

Try these assassin builds out for yourself and let us know what you think! Are there any other assassin items you’ve found to be especially effective for the Season 5 jungle in SMITE? Let us know on Twitter (@SmitePro), and stay tuned for more tierlists, build guides, and other S5 content!