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There’s a lot changing in SMITE Season 5. New items and a new map means a new meta is emerging — so there’s bound to be some changes in how you play the game and which gods you pick up when you enter a match. Junglers are seeing some of the most drastic changes in Season 5, with a totally redesigned jungle for them to roam and a larger map that impacts nearly everything about how this role is played.

That’s why your resident SMITE analyst, Thom “F.” Badinger, is here with his jungler tierlist for Season 5 of SMITE. In his expert opinion, these 6 assassins are some of the best junglers in the game after the changes we saw in Patch 5.1. Picking up these gods for your team composition just might help you dominate the new S5 Conquest map like a pro.


S-Tier Junglers


In SMITE Season 5, it’s all about the quickness! With a larger map, being able to control your jungle while traversing the map at light speed is of the utmost importance. So you’ll want to prioritize characters who have great movement speed, possess global or semi-global abilities, and can clear camps quickly. Gods like…




Awilix basically has a car to carry her around the Battleground of the Gods. Suku gives her a ton of mobility and allows her to move around more quickly than almost any other god. So with the new Season 5 map adding so much ground to cover, she’s an obvious pick for traversing that extra terrain.


Ne Zha


The Lotus Prince is another top-tier pick for the new season. He checks so many boxes of what you want from a jungler in Season 5. His Ring Toss ability not only clears camps very quickly, but also offers him a movement speed buff that lets him roam around the map even faster and look for opportunities to steal camps or dive on unsuspecting enemies.




In the wake of all the changes from Patch 5.1, the early game has become even more important in Conquest — which means that this early game monster is going to make a comeback. Cleave basic attacks and and two movement speed stims make him an excellent choice for the revamped jungle. And of course, his ultimate makes him incredibly valuable for securing kills when the larger map prevents the rest of your team from chasing enemies down.




Sometimes good is just good. While Mercury doesn’t have fantastic clear in the early game, it picks up quickly as he comes online — and he synergizes well with movement speed items, so he can make himself speedy enough to keep up with the best of them. A fun item pick this season is Talaria Boots. Though not all junglers can make equal use out of them, Merc’s passive allows him to pick up this option without giving up much else. This makes him another great choice for the jungle in Season 5.



A+ Tier Junglers


In the A+ tier, semi-global abilities reign supreme. The gods that fall into this category may not do everything you want on the Season 5 map, but they do have ways to speed up quick rotations and other perks to offer players in the jungle role.




Rat is back! The bootless wonder should fare well in Season 5, simply because of his ultimate. Ratatoskr’s ability to jump into the clouds and ravel huge amounts of space will be incredibly valuable on the larger map.




Much like Ratatoskr, Thor also has a great ultimate for junglers to use in Season 5. While Thor’s ultimate doesn’t take him quite as far as Rat’s does, it’s still a very potent ability that enemies in every lane will have to watch out for.



Honorable Mentions


These gods might not be elite performers across the board on the new Conquest map, but there are certain situations in which they might be a worthwhile addition to your team. Some S4 meta picks will persist in the new S5 jungle, while other long-forgotten faces might be able to come back from obscurity.




Serqet has been good for a while now, and Season 5 probably won’t be any exception. She’s pretty good at killing jungle minions, which leaves her more time to move around the map and make rotations. And with much of her kit being non-dependent on power to do damage, Serqet can also build Talaria Boots — a strong item for some junglers at the moment.


Bakasura & Loki


These gods have made few (if any) appearances in the Season 4 meta, but there’s a chance they’ll show up in Season 5.

Bakasura has fairly niche applications — but right now he does everything you need to keep up in the jungle. How well he does on the revamped battleground depends on how expertly players can pilot him and adapt his kit to the recent changes.

Meanwhile, Loki just got a slight buff to his decoy damage. There are rumblings in the SMITE community that he’s getting strong again. If his balance changes make him more effective as a jungler, there’s a chance that his ability to sneak around the new map unnoticed could come in handy…




Season 5 has just begun, but these gods are probably some of the best junglers you can pick up when you play the new Conquest map. But of course, this tierlist is neither complete nor set in stone! Things will change as more patches come through and the S5 meta shifts accordingly.

The most important thing to remember is that a god is only as good as you make them — so practice should always come first! And you’ll also want to make sure that you’re building properly, so check out our guide to building assassins in Season 5.

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What do you think of this tierlist? Is there a sleeper pick that deserves a spot among the top junglers for Season 5 SMITE? Let us know on Twitter @SmitePro!  And stay tuned for more Season 5 tierlists, build guides, and other helpful tips.