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Season 5 of SMITE is now live for PC players, which means a whole new meta for players to establish on the revamped Conquest map. There are a lot of changes happening in this season, which means you’ll need to adapt your strategy and god picks when you hop into your matches. Though the mid lane isn’t seeing as many changes as some other roles, the reworked map and some item/balance changes will still have an impact on which gods are most viable in this role.

That’s why your resident SMITE analyst, Ryan “Aggro” Bailey is here with his mid laner tierlist for Season 5. In his expert opinion, these 6 gods are some of the best mid lane picks in the game following the changes we saw in Update 5.1 Picking up these gods for your team composition just make the difference between a defeat screen and dominating on the S5 Conquest map.


S Tier Mid Laners


An old favorite and an unexpected contender are topping this tierlist for the mid lane. Thanks to some major changes to both the map size and jungler rotations, these gods are about to make a serious comeback in Season 5.




A bigger map means that global ultimates are even better than before. Janus saw some buffs toward the end of Season 4 that helped his consistency — and if you ask me, those buffs plus the bigger map means that Janus just might be an S-Tier god heading into Season 5.

There will be a slight learning curve for even the most experienced of Janus players to relearn optimal portal placements on the new map. The new Doom Orb also pairs nicely with Janus’ mobility, and could be an excellent early game bridge item option for him.




I can’t believe I’m saying it, but Anubis has been one of the most popular characters I’ve played against during the PTS period. The fact that junglers are spending less time in the mid lane means that Anubis is inherently safer than before. But the biggest boost that Anubis has received is in itemization. A couple of new items — namely Soul Gem and Typhon’s Fang — have become total game-changers for the God of the Dead.

Is Anubis actually S-Tier? Probably not. But there’s so much hype surrounding this character in Season 5 that you will absolutely want to try him out when you jump into the new map!


A+ Rank Mid Laners


You might be surprised by some of the gods who are coming in at this tier. One’s a hunter rather than the standard mage, and the other is a god that who hasn’t been very viable in the meta for a long time.




Like I mentioned with Janus above, the bigger map means that global ultimates pack even more of a punch — and that’s why Neith is getting a bump here. The addition of 10% CDR to Transcendence is also a considerable buff that can help her stick around longer in the mid lane and get more use out of her abilities.

Neith still suffers from having the most predictable escape in the game, but her early-game pressure and excellent transition into the mid game will serve her well in Season 5.




With more narrow pathways in the jungle, Kukulkan players should be excited to shut down escape routes and tear through teamfights with big ultimate potential. This might seem like a strange pick, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the extra minion health in the early game won’t affect Kuku nearly as much as most gods, since his Whirlwind will still clear waves with ease.

He also benefits greatly from the new “Library Build”, using all or more of the items in the Soul Reliquary tree to gain extra power via his passive. The new Book of the Dead passive feels fantastic on Kukulkan, since building mana will give you extra power and — once you complete the item — a massive shield will pop when you drop below 50% health.

His potential inconsistency still plagues Kukulkan, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Serpent of the Nine Winds is a force to be reckoned with in Season 5.


A Rank Mid Laners


These gods might not be as globally viable as some of the others on this list, but they’ve still got plenty to offer for mid laners if their team composition is right.




With more 1v1 potential in mid than we’ve seen in recent seasons, Agni is a mage who can really take advantage of the Season 5 changes. Once you hit level 5, Agni is able to play more aggressively than most mages with his excellent poke and his ability to go all-in. He can also make good use of every penetration item, and the new Rod of Tahuti passive can work well with this kit.

Agni’s level 1 can still be hard to work around at times, but I think he has enough positives going for him that he’ll become a strong pick.




Poseidon checks a couple of boxes that are critical to being a strong mid lane pick in S5 — a power spike in wave clear at level 2 and the ability to rotate quickly. The ability to wombo-combo a wave and begin to rotate to other lanes has never been more important than it is in the new season. So for that alone, Poseidon is worth your attention.

Also factor in that the new Doom Orb is exactly what Poseidon needs — it’s a good bridge item that will make him nearly impossible to catch. Additionally, the buff to Spear of the Magus should excite anyone who loves to release Krakens on their foes.

Even Posideon’s greatest counter, Aegis, saw a nerf coming into this season. So keep an eye on the God of the Oceans when you pop into your Conquest matches.


Honorable Mentions


There are plenty of other gods that you’ll want to try out in Season 5’s mid lane. They may not be the ideal pick all the time, but they still bring plenty to the table and can make a huge difference with the right teammates.




This god dominated the mid lane in Season 4, but will the same be true in Season 5? We’ll have to wait and see how his nerf affects him! But if you ask me, Raijin will still be a worthy pick post-changes. He should still boast some of the stronger level 2 clear that mid laners will be looking for.




Venenu and others proved at HRX 2018 that the newest mage in SMITE is a potent goddess to deal with — but her poor early clear may hurt her performance this year. Additionally, all late-game mages like Discordia took a hit with the Rod of Tahuti change, so it remains to be seen how effective they’ll be in S5.




Ra is one of those mages that you can never really count out. He’s so flexible in the mid lane that he can fit almost any composition. And with the bigger map, the sort of sustain that Ra brings to the table will prove valuable in allowing teams to continue sieging or go for an extra objective.




There’s a lot we still don’t know about Season 5 of SMITE, but it looks like these mages should definitely be on your list of gods to try in the mid lane. But of course, this tierlist isn’t definitive by any means! Things will change as more balance updates come through and the S5 meta shifts accordingly.

As always, whatever god you play will only be as good as you make them. So take the time to practice with whoever you choose and master their movesets in the mid lane. (You’ll also want to make sure you’re building properly, take a look at our guide to building mages in Season 5.)

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What do you think of this tierlist? Is there a sleeper pick who deserves a spot among the top mid laners for SMITE Season 5? Let us know on Twitter @SmitePro, and stay tuned for more S5 tierlists, build guides, and other helpful tips!