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We’re in the early days of SMITE Season 5, and players are already shaping the meta that will define the game for the rest of the year. Thanks to all the changes that have come with the new season, players are having to adapt their usual strategies and god picks when they hop into their matches. With big changes to experience splitting, rotation priority, and a massive map to roam, supports are going to be doing more work this season than they have in the past.

That’s why resident SMITE analyst John Finch is bringing you his tierlist for the top supports in Season 5. In his expert opinion, these 7 gods are some of the best guardians in the game following the changes we saw in Update 5.1. Picking them up for your team just might help you dominate the S5 Conquest map and ensure you see that coveted Victory screen.


S Tier Supports


Global ultimates, rotation potential, and locking down targets are all qualities you’ll want to look for in your Season 5 support picks. Luckily, these gods have it in spades…




It’s difficult to top the global presence that Athena provides. In any fight, you can suddenly have an extra person taunting the enemy team and controlling the pace of the engagement. Athena’s taunt will always be one of the best non-ult abilities in the game — and she does well in the laning phase too, thanks to her dash and her shield wall.

Athena is also incredibly versatile, which is a good thing for a support this season. If you want her to function more like a second jungler, she has the base damage to do it. But if you want to play the setup role, her dash/taunt will always get the job done.




Now that the rules for splitting experience have changed, and stacking minion kills is more important than ever, Ganesha is better than he’s ever been. And thanks to his Good Fortune passive extending his assist range, he can start to rotate sooner than other gods and all but guarantee that his team will be getting kill credit.

Ganesha’s silence is also great against channeled abilities and useful for locking down opponents. In the narrower jungle paths on the new Conquest map, Dharmic Pillars can be a nightmare for his enemies. Last but not least, Ganesha has terrific lane push potential that will free you up to rotate to buffs more quickly.




Fafnir is yet another god whose passive propels him to greatness on the new map. As his name implies, the Lord of Glittering Gold gains bonus gold from just about everything — and he gets even tankier the more gold he hoards. This means that if you’re playing him right, you can get tankier early on and afford to stick around a little longer than other supports.

Additionally, Coerce is still excellent for burning objectives, which can be a little bit easier on the bigger map. Being able to become untargetable with his ult will always be valuable in team fights as well. Add on two rotations of skill thanks to his ult, and you have yourself a very scary dwarf in the support role.



A+ Tier Supports


For me, the real distinction between S-Tier supports and A+ Tier supports is how good they are at all stages of the game. While our top-tier gods above are basically never a bad choice, some of the gods in this tier either struggle early or fall off late. But they still excel in their own ways, so you’ll want to consider them for your team comp in Season 5.




You can’t really go wrong with the rock. One of the truest support gods in SMITE, Geb isn’t going to kill you on his own — but he’ll keep someone else alive who definitely will. Roll Out is tremendous for speeding up Geb’s rotations, which is more important than ever on the S5 map. And with the rise of crit builds, his Hard as Rock passive limits their effectiveness.

Geb’s shield is also superb for helping his ADC and mid laner survive burst damage from enemy junglers, and his control in team fights is second to  none. Catacylsm and Shock Wave are big tools in any engagement, and both give damage-dealers even more opportunities to finish the job.

The only thing that drops Geb out of S Tier is his weak early game laning presence.




Limited only by his immobility, the King of the Frost Giants could be back in Season 5. The narrow jungle passages synergize nicely with Ymir’s ice walls, making it easier for him to trap and isolate enemies. He’s also very strong in the laning phase, and piloting him will make you feel more like you have a mid laner with you than a standard support.

Ymir’s Glacial Strike chunks minion waves with ease, and his freeze punishes ADCs who step even a hair out of position. Add on top of that the Shards of Ice ult for extra damage and objective secure, and you have a pretty cool guy to take into the support role. (I know what I did there. I’m not sorry.)


Xing Tian


I think we might be seeing more of Xing Tian in Season 5. Because the map is bigger, timing when to return to base is even more important than in previous seasons. For Xing Tian, though, this change is much less relevant. His Smouldering Rage passive means he’s almost always healthy thanks to his HP5 — so he can stick around in lane for a lot longer than most other supports.

Xing Tian also does surprisingly good damage with his Furious Roar and Hook Slam. Toss in his Whirlwind of Rage and Steel ultimate to control teamfights, and you have a pretty decent support on your hands.




Guardian’s Blessing doesn’t provide quite as much MP5 as supports might be used to — but here comes Sobek to save the day! With the potential to regain 40% of your mana, Lurking in the Waters is an exceptional sustain tool on top of being a high-damage way to control fights.

Sobek’s pluck with Charge Prey is also perfect for separating opponents from their team and setting up pick opportunities. And to top it all off, he even comes with a little bit of anti-healing to slow down some of those new lifesteal items and builds that are emerging in the early Season 5 meta.




Honorable Mentions


These last two gods may not be able to fit into every team composition, but that doesn’t mean you should count them out! When the circumstances are right and it’s their time to shine, they definitely won’t disappoint.




This is another god whose strong laning phase has earned him a spot in this tierlist. Bacchus can easily be punished, requires a lot of mana, and can fall off in the late game. But if he gets off to a strong start and bullies his opposing ADC, he can be a drunken nightmare for the enemy team. Picking Bacchus for the right team will be almost like having a second jungler rolling around, thanks to the big burst damage of Intoxicate and the strong control of Belly Flop.




HEEEEEEEEEY, who could have guess Kuzenbo would make this list? I promise this isn’t a joke.

Kuzenbo’s NeNe Kappa is a strong tool in the early laning phase, which is more important in Season 5 than it has been previously. It has good damage and can help early clear a lot, in addition to slowing enemies who aren’t careful with their positioning. His Shell Spikes can really disrupt the enemy team if their hunter opts for one of the crit builds that are currently in vogue, and Watery Grave is one of the most disruptive ultimates in the game.

Play him aggressively, and you just might pull out a few surprise wins.






Season 5 of SMITE is just starting out, but with these supports should definitely be on your shortlist for Conquest. As always, this tierlist isn’t set in stone by any means! Things will change as more balance updates come through and the meta adjusts with them.

The biggest thing to remember is that whatever god you play is only as good as you make them. So take the time to practice with whoever you pick up and master your support strategy. You’ll also want to make sure you’re building properly, so take a look at our guide to building guardians in Season 5 for everything you need to know — or check out our pro advice to support players to get even more tips and tricks!

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What do you think of this tierlist? Is there a sleeper pick who deserves a spot among the top supports for SMITE Season 5? Let us know on Twitter @SmitePro, and stay tuned for more S5 tierlists, build guides, and other helpful tips!