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With the launch of SMITE Season 5, it isn’t just the Conquest map that’s changed — the meta has shifted as well. Most players usually anticipate a change of some sort whenever a new season arises, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily sure of which direction things are going.

God selection in particular can get a bit tricky at the start of a new season — but resident SMITE analyst Melissa “Taco” Posada is here with her hunter tierlist for Season 5. In her opinion, these 6 gods are great options if you’re heading into the duo lane following the changes in Update 5.1. Picking up these ADCs for your team just might help you dominate the revamped Conquest map like a pro.


S Tier Hunters


Right now, there’s only one god that I can put in this top tier. If you’re looking for a hunter who has tons to offer in almost any team comp, you’ll want to consider picking up…




What puts Artemis in this top spot is primarily the fact that her critical damage is so favorable right now, which makes her more deadly than ever before. Her crit passive and her Suppress the Insolent ability give Artemis enough early poke potential to discourage the enemy duo lane from moving into boxing range.

Artemis’ team fighting capabilities are what really make her stand out, though. With so many narrow jungle corridors, Tusky is the perfect asset for starting for finishing any engagement. Normally considered a god with no escape, it’s everyone else who needs to be afraid whenever they see an Artemis coming their way in Season 5.


A+ Tier


If you’ve been reading our tierlists for other roles, you probably know by now that heavy poke in the early game and global ultimates are in-demand qualities that you’ll want to look for in a god.




The addition of Hunter’s Blessing as a starter item is really what brings Xbalanque to light as a very viable god pick in Season 5. By using his Branching Bola ability for early lane clear, Xbalanque is able to maintain a generous amount of mana while also efficiently clearing waves.

Another one of Xbalanque’s best features is his Darkest of Nights ultimate, because blinding the entire enemy team for 3s while teamfighting can really turn the tides of an engagement. Additionally, this god’s passive building power for up to 6 kills mean pretty nasty crits or shredding potential if you build properly.




Being able to start a match with two abilities is one of the main reasons why Ullr is so favored at the moment. Despite lacking an ultimate, Ullr’s full-kit combo more than makes up for it by packing a powerful punch from the very start. Although he’s still fairly punishable by CC-heavy compositions, having mobility with his Invigorate and his jump can get him our of most sticky situations.

For anyone wondering why Ullr isn’t listed as SSSSS, it’s because the removal of Bluestone Pendant severely impacted his lane pressure capabilities for the early game, which players were previously struggling to deal with. He can certainly still find an advantage in lane, but his teamfight potential has gone down since it’s more difficult for him to bully his opposition for a clear lead.




The poke from Hachiman’s Heavenly Banner serves as a fairly solid lane clearing tool, meaning that he has an incredibly safe laning phase — and could even out-pressure his duo opponent for an advantage. His ultimate is a little more finicky in Season 5 due to the alterations to the jungle, but it can still serve as a great engage/disengage tool for Hachiman.

Last but not least, this god’s Eagle Eye ability also procs with critical damage, so having extended range auto-attacks that can crit are always a great asset when trying to find an edge over your opponent.


Hou Yi


If you’re ever unsure of which hunter to play, Hou Yi is generally your best bet. A new map just means new bounces for you to explore with his Ricochet, which still serves as a decent clear ability during the early laning phase. Hou Yi’s Sunbreaker ultimate is also amazing for the control it can provide your team during fights or objective sieges.

Additionally, Hou Yi’s passive prevents him from taking crit damage more than once every three seconds — which is a nice benefit in a meta that’s leaning more and more towards builds that deal critical damage.


Honorable Mentions


There’s only one god who gets an honorable mention in this tierlist. He may not always be the best pick for your team composition, but he still has a lot to offer on the new S5 map if you pilot him skillfully.




The King of the Jungle has had his ups and downs in the past year — and although he isn’t as heavily favorted as he once was, this kitty cat still has a mean roar!

Buff secure is one of Anhur’s better aspects.  Because his Impale deals so much damage, he makes it difficult for the enemy team to commit to early invades against him. Furthermore, Anhur’s passive combined with Hunter’s Blessing allows for his auto attacks to hit for 220 after you finish stacking the blessing, making it difficult to justify early boxing matches against him. Having a CC-immune ultimate in Desert Fury is also nice for avoiding enemy CC or finishing off a kill.

All things considered, Anhur is one of the most consistent hunters in SMITE when it comes to boxing potential during this laning phase, which earns him an honorable mention in this tierlist.




When you’re jumping into the duo lane for Season 5, there are a lot of different possibilities for which hunters you take with you. As always, you should take into consideration what your team is picking before making your choice, as some hunters may fare better in certain compositions than others. (And you should make sure you know how to build hunters properly, too.)

This tierlist is ultimately meant as a starting point for the standard casual/ranked hunter player, and hopefully it helps you find some direction in the emerging S5 meta. But if you want to get some extra insight straight from our SPL players, check out our pro tips to hunters column for even more ADC advice!

As always, though, these picks are subject to change as more updates come through after 5. 1 — so keep checking back for other suggestions as the meta continues to shift!

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What do you think of this tierlist? Is there a sleeper pick who deserves a spot among the top hunters for SMITE Season 5? Let us know on Twitter @SmitePro, and stay tuned for more S5 tierlists, build guides, and other helpful tips!