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We’re in the thick of SMITE Season 5, and most players are testing the waters on the new Conquest map and getting a feel for the item changes that came through in Update 5.1. With a new meta emerging, there have been some shifts in which gods are viable and which are not — including gods in the solo lane.

That’s why resident SMITE analyst Anatoliy Alekseyenok is here with some recommendations for gods to try out when you fly solo. For Toliy, the appeal of the solo lane is that almost anything can be played in that role. The traditional solo lane has been dominated by warriors and guardians, so it’s a safe bet that the meta will continue to shift in that direction.

However, with the new changes coming to Season 5 — between lane minion waves increasing in health and jungle buffs decreasing in health — now is a great time to experiment with your god picks. Upon deciding who to put in this list, Toliy took the following factors into consideration:

  • Lane clear potential
  • 1v1 duel potential
  • Survivability
  • Mobility
  • Mid-to-late game presence

All gods have their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to understand that even though a particular god can excel at being the best 1v1 dueler in the solo lane, that might not actually fit in with your team’s needs if everyone isn’t on the same page.


S Tier Solo Laners


One might be the loneliest number, but the gods in this tier don’t mind their own company. They’ve got plenty of early game pressure to help them hold down their lane any can synergize well with most team compositions.


Cu Chulainn


There are a lot of gods who can be played in the solo lane, but not many can stand up to the Celtic Hound of Ulster. It takes two rotations of abilities and about a dozen basic attacks to clear the first solo wave, which almost puts Cu Chulainn in Beserk.

Gaining 1 rage per basic attack and 0.5  after getting hit is going to accelerate him to the boiling point. Because minions in Season 5 deal 40% less damage to gods, Cu Chulainn has the opportunity to make more favorable trades in lane.

And last but not least, having his full kit (outside of his ultimate) available at Level 1 is just one more thing that puts this god at the top of the list.




We saw a lot of the Roman Goddess of War in Season 4, and she still carries her weight on the Battleground of the Gods in Season 5 at the highest of levels. In a world where most gods take a hit from clearing the wave at Level 1, Bellona shrugs it off with her hammer-wielding cleave basic attacks after using Bludgeon.

Not many gods can proxy at Level 1 between Tier 1 and Tier 2 towers, or even between a Phoenix and a Tier 2 if they’re feeling extra bold — but Bellona is the best at it. Her early game is almost unmatched, and it gives you ample time and opportunity to transition into invades after.

This goddess is easy to learn, yet difficult to master. But once you’ve figured out how to take full advantage of her abilities and how to synergize with her passive based on the situation, you can single-handedly rally your team to victory.


A+ Tier Solo Laners


The gods in this tier have a few caveats to their kits and stats that you’ll want to take note of before taking them into the solo lane. But if you know what you’re doing, then you should have no problem dominating your opponent.




Much like Bellona, Osiris can be a nuisance at Level 1. He also has the capability to proxy with 6 or 7 stacks of his passive for damage mitigation. Or if you feel like going a different route, you can just consistently basic attack enemy gods at Level 1 and ignore the wave since minions now deal less damage — thus encouraging more stacks on that Warrior’s Blessing you’ve probably picked up.

Osiris is safe in the solo lane, considering that his kit revolves around either slowing down the enemy, speeding himself up, or taking less damage overall. This discourages the enemy jungler from even bothering to take a step in your solo lane when you’re piloting the Broken God of the Afterlife.


Guan Yu


This one might surprise some of you, but Guan Yu deserves your attention in Season 5. With all the post-5.1 changes, minions hit by towers will now retain 25% of their gold reward instead of losing all of it. This means gods that once struggled with clear potential in the early game will not be absolutely shafted as they transition to mid-game. With minions scaling in experience gold every three minutes, those gods can now ramp up at a nice and steady pace once they’re high enough level to clear waves.

These two factors are important for Guan Yu, because he struggles in the early game but thrives in the late game. His ability to consistently slow enemies, shred their protections, then heal his own teammates makes him an indisputable asset with enough cooldown reduction.




The eternal struggle with Cabrakan in the solo lane is his ability to conserve his mana pool. Now in Season 5, with the mana buff respawning every 2 minutes and being less resilient to damage, Cabrakan can have a near-endless supply of mana for his Tremors.

Take that fact and add a Warrior’s Blessing to the mix — which rewards 40 health and mana every 10 seconds after hitting an enemy god — Cabrakan will now continue to Seismic Crush. (Or as I like to say, “swing those walrus hands.”)


A Tier Solo Laners


This is the tier where we start to see some more unconventional picks for the solo lane. These gods might not be your best bet in every matchup — but if the team comp is right, then you can shred your opponents with the damage and engagement control that they provide.




Currently the new god in SMITE as I write this tierlist, Cerberus checks off all the qualities you want in a solo laner, with the exception of mobility. This is where Blink can come in handy for those mid-to-late game engages that require forcing a bunch of defensive relics or picking off that target who doesn’t have Purification Beads available.

With proper accuracy, Cerberus’ Paralyzing Spit not only clears the wave, but also lets you start abusing the enemy solo laner. In a meta where Teleport is out of style, Cerberus can force premature visits back to the enemy fountain with his sheer damage output and his sustain off of Soul Expulsion.

If you haven’t had the chance to try your hand with the Warden of the Underworld, check out my guide on how to build and play Cerberus for some extra tips!




Hades is a sleeper pick for this list. The God of the Underworld rears his ugly head every now and then — and because it’s not common for enemies to find themselves against him, he can usually dominate if you play him right.

A lot of players (especially newer ones) underestimate his Devour Souls ability, which is a big mistake. Not only does Devour Souls clear an entire wave once there are two points in the ability, but it also heals Hades’ own wave and makes things more tiresome for the enemy god in your solo lane.

Hades’ 8-second Blight debuff duration also means that there’s ample times to hit all 6 minions in order to detonate their souls without using his first or second ability to set it up.

An experienced Hades player who can turn the Shroud of Darkness into a Fear ability as opposed to a Silence with the right timing will be able to find clean picks effectively.




Control in teamfights should never be overlooked or underappreciated — and Tyr provides that in spades with his ability to push multiple enemies via an offensive Fearless charge.  You can also add some cooldown reduction to Tyr and watch his mid-to-late game presence skyrocket once he busts out his Lawbringer ultimate.

Oh, and if the enemy jungler wants to find early picks on your Tyr, they’ll need a lot of luck on their side. His Defensive Power Cleave gives him back a lot of health every 8 seconds once it’s fully upgraded to fifth rank, so chunking down his health will be a lot harder.


Honorable Mentions


There’s always room for wacky solo picks every now and then. In the right hands, some gods can thrive more than others — especially with a good solo lane matchup. The only factor that keeps these gods from being in a higher tier is their survivability in any 1v2 encounters once a jungle gank is added into the equation.


The Morrigan


Truly one of the most difficult gods in the game between the pacing of her abilities and the flexibility of her transformational ult, The Morrigan gets an honorable mention in this list.

With every third basic attack creating a small damage-over-time area  of effect, her Level 1 presence is almost unmatched since she truly doesn’t need mana to clear the wave. Not to mention her Dark Omen ability has a short 7-second cooldown that allows her to clear the wave and be a lane bully at the same time from a safe distance.

Once you’ve mastered The Morrigan’s kit, her dueling potential skyrockets. She can transform to any in-game assassin to clean up her opposition, or use a different available form to find more global presence and open up some rotation opportunities.




Just like fashion, certain gods go in and out of style in the SMITE meta as seasons change. Season 5 is no different for Hel. In case you haven’t heard…Hel is back!

The increases to minion health mean Hel’s heal is even more of a nightmare for those early game Warriors who might not have the best lane clear. As long as Hel can transition safely from the solo lane without too much outside jungle interference, few gods can match or stack up to her clear and counter-clear potential.




Anubis is the best dog in the game by far. The addition of Typhon’s Fang to SMITE Season 5 allows the Egyptian God of the Dead to lay waste to his foes. With a passive that already allows 99% magical lifesteal at a maximum of three stacks, Anubis becomes an unorthodox pseudo-tank that damages enemies while lifestealing more health than he loses in return.

Starting Talon’s Trinket at Level 1 allows Anubis to fully clear the wave with his Plague of Locusts, so long as the enemy can’t interrupt it. This advantage transitions to any jungle camp on his side of the map — and he can even harass the enemy jungler if he’s feeling bold enough.

All in all, Anubis is a particular pocket pick who can easily carry the right team with his space control.




There’s still a long way to go in Season 5, but for right now it seems like these gods are some of your best options for the solo lane. Of course, this tierlist isn’t definitive by any means — as things change in future updates, so will the viability of the gods listed here.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that no matter how solid your god pick is, you have to master their kits and understand their builds if you really want to dominate the Battleground of the Gods. So check out our guide on how to build warriors in Season 5 to make sure you’re buying the right items.

While you’re here, though, you can take a look at our other tierlist for more recommendations about who’s on top and who’s on the rise.

What do you think of this tierlist? Is there another god who deserves a spot among the top solo laners in the newest season of SMITE? Let us know on Twitter @SmitePro! And stay tuned for more S5 tierlists, build guides, and other helpful tips.