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It would be an understatement to say that Myth Gaming’s victory at the SMITE Console World Championship was a long shot. In the Fall Split, this team finished fourth overall — and at the SCL Fall Finals LAN, they needed all kinds of help. After just barely qualifying for HRX 2018, these boys found themselves facing formidable opponents like Strictly Business and Astral Authority on the World Championship stage. Though these two contenders were considered the strongest frontrunners at HRX, Myth Gaming still managed to silence all their critics and take home the championship trophy against all odds.

To get a better sense of how the guys on Myth Gaming found their underdog success, let’s take a look back at the journey of Keegsmate, Delnyy, Jumpahhh, ErupT Crimson, and Inbowned as they went from mid-tier console pros to the SMITE Console World Champions.


SCL Fall Split


For the majority of the Fall Split, the boys of Myth Gaming didn’t even have an org to play under. Going by “In Memory of Michael” for the majority of the split, it was a tough run for these guys starting out. They dispatched a struggling Elevate roster, but then fell 0-2 to Astral Authority and Obey.

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Myth actually sowed the seeds of an upset later in the split, pulling out a strong set in one of the final weeks to close out this phase of the Console League. They managed to sweep Strictly Business in a 2-0 and earn themselves some confidence going into the SCL Fall Finals. But they would need to rally around that confidence if they wanted to have a chance at success during the LAN.


SCL Fall Finals LAN


The SCL Fall Split action culminated at the Fall Finals, where all the best console teams met at Hi-Rez Studios with hopes of qualifying for HRX 2018. This event split the 8 participating teams into two groups, where the top two teams from each gorup advanced. There was a perception that Myth landed in the easier group — and looking at the records of the opponents they faced, that indeed proved to be the case. Though they faced one top-tier opponent in Astral Authority, they were also grouped up with SoaR Gaming and CAZ Esports. They needed to come in at least second place to qualify for HRX.

The event started off right for Myth, as they played against the outmatched CAZ Esports, who were unable to field their full roster. A swift 2-0 put wind in Myth’s sails, and after Day 1 they were at the top of their group as the only team to earn all three points.

One Day 2, Myth faced off against SoaR Gaming — a team playing way above its regular season record. Myth needed every point they could get, but after a hard-fought set they had to settle for a 1-1 split. Meanwhile, Astral Authority pulled out a 2-0 sweep versus CAZ, meaning Myth was tied with the top seed for the first place spot in their group.

Myth’s final set would pit them against a team that they couldn’t defeat in the Fall Split — but this time around, HRX was on the line. With the way points lined up, a split with Astral would guarantee at least a three-way tie between Myth, Astral, and SoaR for that qualifying spot. A 2-0 would mean they punch their ticket to Atlanta right then and there. However, Astral would prove to be too strong an opponent and won a commanding 2-0 to maintain their status as the top seed. Now with only four points in tow, Myth’s fate rested in the hands of the weakest team at the event: CAZ Esports.

CAZ would only need to win one game to deny SoaR a spot at the Console World Championships and send Myth in their place. CAZ had not yet won a game all tournament, and had nothing to gain by winning or losing. They were the final set of the Fall Finals tournament, and the final spot at HRX hung in the balance.

Game 1 went like everyone expected. SoaR looked like a better team for the whole game and took the first victory. But Game 2 was a different story. CAZ held even with SoaR for far longer in this match than they had in the game prior. All three Phoenixes fell for CAZ at 38 minutes into the game, and yet they held strong. The very foundation of the arena at Hi-Rez Studios was shaking as a wave of coaches and players continued to roar in support of CAZ’s miraculous defenses. Finally, after one last successful defense, CAZ was able to push into SoaR’s base and send Myth Gaming to HRX.

The excitement took over the entire building. Players were jumping on chairs, crying, and swarming the CAZ Esports players who had nothing to gain but an HRX trip for their friends. Inbowned was visibly moved on camera when he returned for the post-game analysis segment. Thus, the legend of Myth Gaming had begun.


SMITE Console World Championships


As these underdogs made their way to HRX, everyone thought they were just happy to be there. But as we found out through a few behind-the-scenes conversations with Myth Gaming, the boys were incredibly confident in their chances to win it all.

When they took the World Championship stage, their first opponent was Strictly Business. Strictly Business didn’t play in the Fall Finals, but Myth had previously beaten out this team in a 2-0 sweep at the end of the Fall Split. In this winner-takes-all rematch, Myth dropped Game 1 to Strictly Business — and it looked like their miracle ride might be over already. Fans believed that the team who’d barely made it to HRX was putting up a good fight even though they would ultimately be sent home. But Myth defied all expectations and didn’t lose another game for the rest of the tournament.

After two dominant wins against Strictly Business, Myth Gaming made it to the finals. After Obey fell to the wayside in the other half of the bracket, top contender Astral Authority once again stood in the path of these underdogs as a sort of final boss to defeat if they wanted that World Championship title.

The rumblings around the Cobb Energy Center were that Myth was extremely confident going into their final set against Astral. On the stage, Jumpahhh predicted a 3-0 — and that’s exactly what happened. Though they had lost to Astral Authority many times before, Myth didn’t drop a single game to the powerhouses that had stopped them at LAN. And thus they rose to become the reigning SMITE Console World Champions.

We can’t say what’s next for Myth Gaming in SMITE Season 5. With the introduction of the SMITE Console Series, it’s unclear whether these champions will continue to dominate, or if another contender will rise and try to take the throne.

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