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We’ve wrapped up the kickoff week of the SMITE Pro League Spring Split, and our NA teams have hit the ground running! This week, our 6 North American teams met on the Battleground of the Gods for the first time in Season 5 and went head-to-head in best-of-three (Bo3) matches to test their mettle.

If you weren’t able to catch all the matches during our live broadcasts, don’t worry! We’re going to recap all the action you might have missed for this week. Here’s what went down in the NA region for Week 1 of the SPL Spring Split!


Match 1: eUnited vs. Luminosity


Winner: Luminosity (2-0)


After the intense EU matches were played out, we switched over to the NA side of things to watch reigning world champions eUnited take on Luminosity’s brand new roster. Expectations were high for eUnited, but ultimately the current champs failed to meet them.

In this matchup, nearly everyone was expecting eUnited to roll over the new LG squad, but Weak3n & Co. had other plans. In Game 1, Oceans (subbing in for Clout, aka Vetium) had an amazing game on Sol — even managing to find the solo kill onto PandaCat. He finished the Game 1 victory with a 7/3/7 scoreline. In Game 2, Weak3n brought out the seldom-seen Arachne jungle and played it beautifully. He found an early first blood and kept the pressure on, leading his team with a 6/0/3 performance and a clean sweep of the defending champs.


Match 2: Splyce vs. Counter Logic Gaming


Winner: CLG (2-1)


Following LG’s performance, the NA action continued with Splyce and Counter Logic Gaming. Although both these orgs are new to the SPL, their rosters are no stranger to the SMITE competitive scene — so this match was pretty tense.

If you like to see some of the more obscure gods, this was the match for you! Game 1 featured fineokay on Kuzenbo and Homiefe playing Bakasura, but Splyce edged out a 42-minute victory. In Game 2, Divios’ Hades wasn’t enough to finish the set. Hurriwind and Homiefe went a combined 11/2/9 as the mid/jungle combo for CLG forced Game 3.

In the final game, picks were a bit more standard and CLG looked good yet again — completing the comeback and taking the set.


Match 3: Trifecta vs. Counter Logic Gaming


Winner: CLG (2-1)


What happens when you take a bunch of seasoned SPL players, split them between two teams, and make them face off? We found out the answer to this question as Trifecta took on CLG during our kickoff week.

This set seemed to revolve around which team got to play the Sol in the duo lane. In Game 1, it was Snoopy’s Sol that found the solo kill onto Zapman and really ran the game, finishing 6/0/6 in the CLG victory. In Game 2, Trifecta prioritized the Sol pick and gave it to Zapman. Zap played well, enabled by Mask’s Ratatoskr, and forced a Game 3.

Trifecta secured Sol in the final match, but CLG proved to be a bit too strong. They put on the pressure and beat Trifecta with a kill count of 18-6 in CLG’s favor.


Match 4: eUnited vs. Spacestation


Winner: Spacestation (2-0)


This was perhaps the most anticipated NA match of the week. Defending champions eUnited went toe-to-toe with what many call the NA dream team — JeffHindla, BaRRaCCuDDa, and friends. It was superstar team vs. superstar team in this matchup.

Game 1 was our longest game of the week. It took over 56 minutes for SSG to edge out a victory. It felt like the game was swinging between Venenu’s Discordia and Baskin’s Thoth, with both mid mages making game-changing plays. But eventually, Baskin and friends got the upper hand and closed it out.

For as close as Game 1 was, Game 2 was considerably more one-sided. Baskin pulled out the assassin mid, piloting Camazotz to an easy victory. Andinster’s Da Ji was incredibly impressive as well. This felt like a preview of great things to come from the Baskin/Andinster combination in Season 5, and got SSG off to a great start with a clean 2-0.


Match 5: Spacestation vs. Trifecta


Winner: Spacestation (2-1)


After beating eUnited, the Spacestation squad turned right around to face off against Trifecta. This matchup went just as well as their match versus eUnited.

Game 1 was looking like it was going to be Trifecta’s win, but Baskin snuck in to steal away a Fire Giant and opened the door for Andinster to find a quadra kill. From there, SSG marched straight up the map and ended the game in a dramatic swing.

In Game 2, Trifecta got the early lead, stayed away from the Fire Giant, and got the victory in a pretty clean-cut run. In the final game, though, Trifecta fell victim to the same exact situation. With Trifecta in the lead and closing in on the Fire Giant, SSG wiped them out in a brutal deicide and ended the game in one fell swoop.


What’s Next


Week 1 might be over for our fans, but these NA pros are already looking ahead to what Week 2 might have in store and preparing for more godlike action. To see how their next round of matches play out, you’ll want to tune into our official SMITE Mixer channel and watch the action! Here’s what the schedule looks like for the NA side of things next week:

Wednesday, March 28

  • 5:00 PM ET — eUnited vs. Trifecta
  • 6:45 PM ET — Spacestation vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Friday, March 29

  • 5:00 PM ET — Trifecta vs. Splyce
  • 6:45 PM ET — Luminosity vs. Spacestation
  • 8:30 PM ET — Luminosity vs. Splyce

Be sure to follow us on Mixer or keep up with us on Twitter @SmitePro to get updates, match results, broadcast announcements, and more as the SPL Spring Split gets underway.