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We just closed out the first week of the SMITE Minor League’s Spring Split, and our EU players are already off to a great start! This week, our 5 European teams met on the Battleground of the Gods for the first time in Season 5 and went head-to-head in best-of-three (Bo3) matches to test their mettle.

In case you weren’t able to catch some of the matches during our live broadcasts, we’re coming in hot to recap all the intense action that you might have missed. Here’s what went down for the EU region in Week 1 of the SPL Spring Split!


Match 1: Victorious Secret vs. Burrito


Winner: Burrito (2-1)


This Bo3 set saw Burrito grind out a tough win over Victorious Secret. One of our longest sets all weekend, these two teams were evenly matched — but Effix would prove to be the difference maker. The midlaner for Burrito looked good in all three games on Janus, Sol, and Agni .

Even when Victorious Secret seemed to be in control, Burrito repeatedly kept pace with them — even forcing one game all the way to 50 minutes before dropping. In the end, Fusify and the boys of Burrito would prove too much and take the set.


Match 2: The Papis vs. Insignem


Winner: Insignem (2-0)


In the second set of the day, Insignem would overpower  veteran team The Papis. Deathpanter, the former midlaner for Elevate and quarterfinalist at HRX, looked untouchable throughout the set on Discordia and Janus. He paired up with jungler LASBRA to get ahead early in their games, and The Papis had no answer.

Game 1 was close for a while, but Insignem had warmed up by Game 2 and ran away with the lead for a dominant 2-0.


Match 3: Optimus Gang vs. Infinity Warriors


Winner: Optimus Gang (2-0)


In this matchup, Optimus Gang were the veterans and Infinity Warriors were the new kids on the block — and it showed as these games played out.

The old Burrito roster (minus Fusify and plus JacobHL) hasn’t missed a step since their SPL days. The jungle/solo synergy of Sibi and Dzoni built up a lead for Optimus Gang in both games, and Infinity Warriors were never able to slow them down. Dzoni in particular was allowed to play Camazotz in both games, and showed why that god is a top pick right now. When all was said and done, it was a clean 2-0 for the SPL veterans.


Match 4: Victorious Secret vs. Insignem


Winner: Insignem (2-0)


In the fourth match of the day, Insignem continued the dominance from their previous set. Although Victorious Secret was able to keep the set close against Burrito, that was not the case against Insignem. LASBRA and Deathpanter were the big stars of the set once again, with Deathpanter playing Discordia 3 times throughout the day. Their pressure was enough even to outdo a strong performance from Julio69 in the solo lane for Victorious Secret, and Insignem took the set 2-0.


Match 5: The Papis vs. Optimus Gang


Winner: Optimus Gang (2-0)


Optimus Gang looked dominant again in their second set, and anyone looking to take them out may have to unplug Dzoni’s keyboard. He looked so strong in the jungle for them on Susano and Da Ji with 20 KILLS across the two game set. Farakrik played at an even higher level than their first set, following Dzoni to keep The Papis locked down.

Optimus Gang continued to look like one of the top teams in the EU SML as they took their second set of the day 2-0.


What’s Next


Although Week 1 is over for our fans, these EU teams are already preparing for whatever Week 2 has in store. To see how their next round of matches play out, you’ll want to tune into our official SMITE Mixer channel and watch the action! Here’s what the schedule looks like for the EU bracket next week:

Saturday, March 31

  • 1:00 PM ET: The Papis vs Burrito
  • 2:45 PM ET: Insignem vs Optimus Gang
  • 4:30 PM ET: Victorious Secret vs Infinity Warriors
  • 6:15 PM ET: Burrito vs Optimus Gang
  • 8:00 PM ET: Insignem vs Infinity Warriors

Be sure to follow us on Mixer or keep up with us on Twitter @SmitePro to get updates, match results, broadcast announcements, and more as the SML Spring Split gets underway.