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We just closed out the second week of the SMITE Pro League’s Spring Split, and your favorite EU players are starting to find their footing on the Battleground of the Gods! In case you weren’t able to catch some of the matches during our live broadcasts, we’re coming in hot to recap all the intense action that you might have missed. Here’s what went down for the EU region in Week 2 of the SPL!


Match 1: Team RivaL vs. Team Dignitas


Winner: Team Dignitas (2-1)


The first match of this week pitted two powerhouse EU team against each other — Team RivaL and Team Dignitas. RivaL has already had a strong showing in the first few weeks of Season 5 and has been dominating the scene, but Dignitas also came into this match with an undefeated record. When they clashed on the Battleground, it was a hard fight.

Despite Team Dignitas beating Team Rival in the finals of Dreamhack Valencia back in Season 4, they couldn’t find a single victory over Rival at Super Regionals — which threw them into the dirt in group play. Feeling a need for redemption, Team Dignitas is coming out stronger than ever in a new season of competitive SMITE. But once again, Rival got the better of them in Game 1, which was a 44-minute slobber knocker that saw a 10-9 scoreline when all was said and done.

Rival started off strong again in Game 2 with a kill lead, but they couldn’t hold onto their objectives as Dignitas started finding little opportunities to snatch those objectives for themselves. Eventually, the mobility of Trixtank’s Amaterasu support would lead his pack to win aggressive team fights and take the Titan in under 26 minutes of action.

With the set tied up in Game 3, neither team wanted to overstep their boundaries — and no one drew first blood until 12 minutes into the game. In the solo lane, where both Deathwalker and Variety were hitting each other with pillows, the junglers eventually brought some steel feathers to add to their pillow cases. A 2-for-1 trade in favor of Team Dignitas would give them an initial bump and boost them over the edge. With complete vision control, Dignitas consistently looked for ambushes around the Gold Fury, and would kill 3 Rival members before taking it down at 14 minutes.

The game would continue to stretch on, though. Being up only 2,000 gold at the 33-minute mark wouldn’t stop Team Dignitas from finding all 5 Rival members in a deicide. When they stormed the base, there was no one but a lone KaLaS to defend it on Fafnir.  And thus Team Dignitas remains undefeated this season — but before Rival fell in this set, they did manage to make the Dig crew lose their first game of the season.


Match 2: Obey Alliance vs. Mousesports


Winner: Obey Alliance (2-0)


Next up on the EU docket were two orgs that have subverted expectations in the season thus far. Despite a strong showing in Season 4, Obey Alliance has struggled to find their footing. Meanwhile, mousesports was a breath of fresh air in their showing versus SK Gaming last week.  Ultimately though, mousesports would have to start facing more formidable enemies. Going against Obey Alliance would be their first real test.

Mousesports started things off with unconventional picks, as Cherryo picked Janus jungle once again. BigManTingz played Odin middle, and Dardez was doing just Dardez things with Fenrir support. However, once mousesports failed to capitalize on their early/mid-game team composition, Obey Alliance started to outlast them in teamfights thanks to PrettyPriMe’s Ra sustain and iRaffer’s Geb shields keeping everyone healthy.

In Game 2, mousesports played a mostly traditional team composition for once, with the only exception being Dardez on Odin. But it wasn’t quite enough. CaptainTwig on Nemesis would shut down Jermain’s Anhur hard enough that Ataraxia’s Ullr reigned supreme with top player damage for the majority of the game. After taking the Titan in less than 30 minutes, Obey claimed this set with a clean 2-0 victory.


Match 3: Team Dignitas vs. SK Gaming


Winner: Team Dignitas (2-0)


After our initial round of EU and NA action, all 12 teams stepped back up to the plate for even more competitive play. After a hot performance against Team Rival, Dignitas stepped back onto the Battleground to take on the SK roster that surprisingly fell to mousesports in Week 1.

For Game 1, QvoFred (a jungler who’s known for carrying games by himself) had the opportunity to pilot Da Ji. Soaring into excellency on this god, this Dig jungler was a treat for his team and ended the game with 4 kills, 0 deaths, and 3 assists — accounting for about 70% of his team’s collective kill count.

In Game 2, Dignitas had first pick and elected to ban away the Da Ji. Getting Susano was their new goal, along with grabbing a speedy team composition of Janus mid for Zyrhoes and Trixtank supporting on Amaterasu. This was another MVP performance for the black-and-yellow jungler, who finished things off with a fantastic 8-2-3 scoreline on a god that hasn’t had much love in Season 5. After winning this set, Team Dignitas hit the top of the EU SPL standings with four set victories and not a single set loss.


Match 4: NRG Esports vs. Obey Alliance


Winner: NRG Esports (2-0)


Next up, it was a battle of old friends as NRG Esports and Obey Alliance faced off. After trading support players — with iRaffer going to Obey and EmilZy going to NRG — fans were curious to see how these two teams would fare when they took their switched-up rosters to the field.

Adapting on Ravana in Game 1 was a nuisance for Obey Alliance to try to control or diminish his aggression. Both teams were neck-and-neck until the 25-minute mark, when PrettyPriMe’s Ra and Xaliea’s Terra fell during a Gold Fury team fight. CaptainTwig was to ambitious to try to damage Adapting, but couldn’t get him low enough in the health pool before needed to disengage himself. As a result, NRG won the fight convincingly and proceeded to take both the Gold Fury and the Fire Giant — securing the Game 1 victory. Adapting was hailed as the MVP with a 6-0-7 scoreline that totaled 100% kill participation.

Game 2 was a similar story in regards to the gold/experience lead between these two teams up until the 18-minute mark. CaptainTwig engaged on three NRG members, but took more damage than he bargained for and went on the retreat. Unfortunately for him, Yammyn’s Through Space and Time ultimate found its home and would eventually eliminate Twig on Da Ji. The old saying goes that if you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile — and that’s exactly what NRG did by securing both towers in the duo lane and a T1 tower in mid after picking off Twig. But Obey was able to at least take a Gold Fury and prevent their deficit from spiraling out of control.

The next team fight occurred 2.5 minutes later was one by NRG when Yammyn’s ultimate yet again made an impact. By clipping the wings of Ataraxia in the backline, they forced him out of a teamfight prematurely and put iRaffer’s Cu Chulainn in an unfortunate spot where he was too committed to get out. With the positional victory and game advantage going to NRG off this team fight, they claimed the Fire Giant and the Pyromancer shortly after, snowballing to a Game 2 win. Adapting’s Ravana would get MVP yet again with a 4-0-12 scoreline.


Match 5: NRG Esports vs. SK Gaming


Winner: NRG Esports (2-0)


In the last EU match of the week, we saw NRG play a double-header and take on SK Gaming. The SK boys have been struggling to find their stride so far this split, so it was no surprise when NRG took them out with ease.

This set proved to be a constant snowball for NRG . With great rotations to find constant picks in the jungle and strong laning phases before team fights even began, the NRG boys took a straightforward victory in the first game of this set.

SK Gaming didn’t fair much better in Game 2, In just a little over 22 minutes, NRG managed to close out the set after an incredibly dominant performance that didn’t let up for a moment. Adapting’s Da Ji ended the game with 13 kills, 1 death, and 7 assists — participating in a total of 20 out of NRG’s 23 kills. This performance won him the MVP honor for Game 2 as NRG cleaned up this set in a quick 2-0.


What’s Next


Although Week 1 is over for our fans, these EU teams are already preparing for whatever Week 2 has in store. To see how their next round of matches play out, you’ll want to tune into our official SMITE Mixer channel and watch the action! Here’s what the schedule looks like for the EU bracket next week:

Tuesday, April 2

  • 1:00 PM ET — NRG Esports vs. Team Dignitas
  • 2:45 PM ET — Obey Alliance vs. SK Gaming

Thursday, April 4

  • 1:00 PM ET — Team Rival vs. SK Gaming
  • 2:45 PM ET — NRG Esports vs. mousesports
  • 4:30 PM ET — Team Rival vs. mousesports

Be sure to follow us on Mixer or keep up with us on Twitter @SmitePro to get updates, match results, broadcast announcements, and more as the SPL Spring Split gets underway.