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Now that the Spring Split of Season 5 has ended, our SPL players and esports staff are turning their attention toward the SMITE Masters LAN. This live event is the culmination of the Spring Split, where the top 2 teams from each SPL region and one top team from each international region of the SGS will meet at our arena in Atlanta, GA to fight for glory on the Battleground of the Gods!

Below you’ll find all the details on the SMITE Masters event — including participating teams, prizing, daily schedule, and where to watch! This event will also serve as the Spring Split finals for the SMITE Minor League. More details on that are listed in the SML Finals section.


SMITE Masters Format & Teams


Dates: May 9 – May 13


The SMITE Masters LAN will use the following format throughout the event:

  • Double-elimination bracket
  • Best-of-three (Bo3) matches until Winner Finals and Loser Finals
  • Best-of-five (Bo5) matches for Winner Finals and Loser Finals
  • Grand Finals are best-of-seven (Bo7) with a one-game advantage

There will be a total of 8 teams (four from SPL and four from SGS) coming to the event. Here are the teams who have qualified for each region. The order in which they are listed below will be the order in which they are seeded for the event.

1. Team Rival (SPL EU)
2. Team Dignitas (SPL EU)
3. Spacestation Gaming (SPL NA)
4. eUnited (SPL NA)
5. LatAm Representative* (SGS)
6. Black Dragons (SGS Brazil)
7. We Garn Servo (SGS OCE)
8. Mashubois (SGS SEA)

* Note: The LatAm representative for the SMITE Masters LAN will be determined at the event. The top team from LatAm North (WhySoCereal) and the top team from LatAm South (Nocturns Gaming) will both come to the event and play a special match to determine who moves on to the Masters bracket with the rest of our SPL and SGS representatives.


SMITE Masters Prizing


There will be a total of $65,000 in prizing up for grabs during the SMITE Masters. This prizing will be distributed to the top 4 teams as follows:

  • 1st Place: $35,000
  • 2nd Place: $20,000
  • 3rd Place: $5,000
  • 4th Place: $5,000


SMITE Masters Daily Schedule


The SMITE Masters event will run from May 9 through May 13. Each tournament day will begin at 11:00 AM ET. Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of the event:


Wednesday, May 9


  • LatAm Representative Match: Nocturns Gaming vs. WhySoCereal
  • Match 1: Team Rival vs. Mashubois
  • Match 2: eUnited vs. LatAm winner
  • Match 3: Team Dignitas vs. We Garn Servo
  • Match 4: Spacestation vs. Black Dragons


Thursday, May 10


  • Match 5: Mashubois vs. Nocturns Gaming
  • Match 6: We Garn Servo vs. Black Dragons
  • Match 7: Team Rival vs. eUnited
  • Match 8: Team Dignitas vs. Spacestation Gaming


Friday, May 11


  • Match 9: Spacestation Gaming vs. Nocturns Gaming
  • Match 10: eUnited vs. Black Dragons
  • Match 11: Spacestation Gaming vs eUnited


Saturday, May 12


  • Match 12: Team Rival vs. Team Dignitas
  • Match 13: Team Rival vs. Spacestation


Sunday, May 13


  • Match 14: Team Dignitas vs. Team Rival

On this day of the event, we’ll also be holding the Spring Split finals for the SMITE Minor League (details below).



SML Spring Finals at SMITE Masters


In addition to the SPL and SGS teams competing in the main bracket, our top SML teams will also be attending the SMITE Masters LAN in order to play their Spring Split Finals. The top NA team and the top EU team have been invited to this event:

  • NA: Anxiety Onset
  • EU: Insignem

The finals match for the SML Spring Split will be played on the last day of the SMITE Masters LAN. Below are the details on format, prizing, and kickoff time.

  • Date: Sunday, May 13 (11:00 AM ET)
  • Format: Best-of-three (Bo3)

There will be a total of $10,000 in prizing for the SMITE Minor League finals.

  • 1st Place: $6,000
  • 2nd Place: $4,000

These matches will be streamed on all the same platforms as the rest of the SMITE Masters event.



From May 9-13, the SMITE Masters event will be broadcast on ALL our official streaming platforms, including the SmiteGame Mixer channel, the HiRezTV Twitch channel, and SmiteGame YouTube channel.  You can also follow us on Twitter @SmitePro to  catch highlights and match updates throughout the SMITE Masters!