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We are very excited to announce that a PS4 league is coming to the SMITE competitive circuit! With some help from our friends over at Mixer, we will be launching a SMITE PS4 League this summer!

The PS4 League will be open to teams in both North America and Europe. We’ll kick off the league during the summer with open-bracket tournaments and a series of qualifiers to determine who will participate in the league. When those qualifiers are wrapped up, the teams that made the cut will continue on into 6 weeks of formalized play for the Fall Split.

Keep reading below for more details on how this format will work and how your team can take part in the PS4 League Qualifiers!

PS4 League Open Bracket Qualifiers

June 2 – July 8


The PS4 League will begin with an open-bracket qualifier that runs for 5 weeks. Here’s a quick breakdown of the format for these open brackets:

  • Single-elimination bracket
  • Best-of-one (Bo1) sets until finals
  • Best-of-three (Bo3) sets for finals

Teams will earn points as they participate in the open bracket. The top 8 teams from each region will be seeded based on points, and will be split into groups to compete in the final week of the qualifier. The top 4 from each region will make the cut for the PS4 League in the Fall.

The format for the final week of the qualifier is as follows:

  • Group stages (two groups of 8 teams based on region)
  • Round robin bracket
  • Best-of-one (Bo1) sets

After this bracket plays out, the top four teams from the NA group and the top four teams from the EU group will qualify for the Fall Split of the SMITE PS4 League. More details on the Fall Split will be announced later this year.

For more information on how to sign your team up for the open bracket PS4 League qualifiers, check out our participation guide below to get all the details!


How to Participate in the SMITE PS4 Qualifiers


If you want to participate in any week of the open bracket for the PS4 League qualifiers, you’re welcome to sign up for the tournaments in your region. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of everything you need to know.

Step 1: Join the Discord Channel


If you’re planning to compete in the SMITE PS4 Qualifiers, the first thing you’ll need to do is join our official SMITE PS4 League Discord channel so you can get notifications when weekly sign-ups open for the open brackets and communicate with our administrators to coordinate your participation.


Step 2: Check In for your region’s tournament


Once you’ve joined the Discord channel, all you have to do is wait for the day/time assigned to your region’s tournament. At the assigned time listed below, your region’s sign-up will be posted in that Discord channel:

  • Europe — Saturdays @ 10:00 AM ET (4:00 PM CET)
  • North America — Sundays @ 10:00 AM ET

For a more complete breakdown of which days you can participate in the open bracket for your region, check the schedule below:

  • June 2 (10:00 AM ET) — EU Qualifier #1
  • June 3 (10:00 AM ET) — NA Qualifier #1
  • June 9 (10:00 AM ET) — EU Qualifier #2
  • June 10 (10:00 AM ET) — NA Qualifier #2
  • June 16 (10:00 AM ET) — EU Qualifier #3
  • June 17 (10:00 AM ET) — NA Qualifier #3
  • June 23 (10:00 AM ET) — EU Qualifier #4
  • June 24 (10:00 AM ET) — NA Qualifier #4
  • June 30 (10:00 AM ET) — EU Qualifier #5
  • July 1 (10:00 AM ET) — NA Qualifier #5

Once the sign-up form has been posted on the days/times listed above, team captains will need to fill it out completely and accurately, then hit Submit. After the check-in has been completely submitted, just wait patiently for a tournament admin to post the bracket/rules for your games and give you further direction on when to start.




After you’ve checked in, your tournament administrator will communicate in the Discord channel to run the event. They’ll post a bracket for your team to see your matchups, then give you the rundown on all tournament rules and instructions on how to play your games.

In all qualifying weeks of the SMITE PS4 league, the tournaments will run as a single-elimination open bracket. All games will be best-of-ones until the semifinals and finals, which will be best-of-three.


SMITE PS4 Qualifiers FAQ


Can I compete in the SMITE PS4 Qualifiers if I am not a resident of North America or Europe?

No, only players who are legal residents of the NA or EU regions can participate in the Console Series.

I’m currently an Xbox player in the Console League. Can I play on PS4?

No. Players who are participating in other SMITE leagues (PC or Xbox) are locked to that platform and cannot switch over to PS4.

Are there any requirements needed to compete in the SMITE PS4 Qualifiers?

There are no level requirements for participating in the PS4 Qualifiers. However, you must have an account that is in good standing and be on a team of at least 5 members to participate.

I missed the check-in time! Can I still play in the tournament?

If you or your team misses the registration period, you cannot participate in that week of the SMITE PS4 Qualifiers. But you are still welcome to sign up for subsequent weeks if you show up on time!



We’re excited to be kicking off the long-awaited SMITE PS4 League and round out our console circuit — and we’d love to see all of you participating in the open-entry qualifier! If you have any questions about the SMITE PS4 League or how to sign up, hit us up on Twitter @SmitePro or in the PS4 League Discord channel for more information!