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Here at Hi-Rez Studios, we’ve always been huge advocates for community growth and engagement — and we pride ourselves on supporting communities of all sizes across the world. One manner in which we’re able to do this is by providing our community tournaments with in-game rewards and (in some cases) promotional opportunities.

If you’re a current community tournament organizer, or are looking to start organizing community tournaments for SMITE on any platform, this quick how-to guide will let you know what steps you need to take to be eligible for in-game prizes and other opportunities!


What Is A Community Tournament?


It’s pretty simple! A community tournament is any tournament that’s run by someone in our community — that is, someone who is not affiliated with Hi-Rez Studios as an employee. Whether you’re a large community with hundreds or thousands of members, an in-game clan, or a smaller group of friends who just want to get involved in esports, community tournaments are a great way to get your fix of competitive action and help facilitate competition with fellow SMITE fans!

If you’re an aspiring administrator, broadcaster, commentator, or pro, community tournaments are where many get their first taste of competitive SMITE at a hands-on level. Frequently these tournaments become a training and proving ground that’s invaluable to all who wish to climb the path to pro!


How to Apply for SMITE Community Tournament Prizes


Applying for community tournament prizes is a simple process! Just follow the steps below and you’ll be well on your way to getting prizes for your competitive series.


Step 1: Review our Funding Requirements


Before you start working on your formal application, you’ll need to make sure you read and understand our latest Community Tournament License, and Community Tournament Funding Requirements. We pride ourselves in the quality of the community tournaments that we provide in-game prizes to — and in order to maintain this, we ask that current and prospective community tournament organizers all follow the requirements in the documentation above to ensure this quality is maintained.


Step 2: Submit an Application


After you’ve familiarized yourself with our community tournament funding requirements, you’ll need to send us an application which includes a written proposal for your tournament or tournament series.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a Prize Application Template which outlines what information you’ll need to include in order for us to review your application. Please review this format in its entirety so you can make sure that your application is up to par! Following the proposal format as closely as possible will expedite the approval process for your tournament.

All community tournament proposals and inquiries should be directed to

Once you’ve submitted your application to that email address, one of our Esports Specialists will be happy to assist you with your application or any questions you may have.



That’s all there is to it! Read our funding requirements, submit a formal written application for your tournament, and then our Community Specialists will work on approving that tournament so you can receive support from Hi-Rez Studios. If you have any questions, you can email the address listed above to get in touch with our community tournament team. We hope to see you and your community on the Battleground!