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  • Players Involved: Gamma & Blugin
  • Team Involved: The Ranked Allstars
  • Region: North America
  • Subject: SMITE Minor League – Impersonating a Hi-Rez employee
  • Date of Ruling: 6/29/2018

Information: After receiving reports of accounts that were impersonating staff, Hi-Rez Studios recently reviewed two in-game accounts under the names ThomBadinger and RyanBailey. These accounts were not owned by the two employees of the same name. Instead, we learned that these accounts were being used by players currently participating in the SMITE Minor League.

Ruling: The Skillshot League Operations staff has concluded that the SML players Gamma and Blugin impersonated two Skillshot & Hi-Rez Employees with these accounts — both in name and via the in-game chat logs.

Because these players violated the SMITE Minor League rules and the code of conduct in SMITE Terms of Service, we will be taking punitive action as follows:

  • All prizing received in the SMITE Minor League Summer Split will be removed
  • Both players will receive a 1-year suspension from competitive play

Relevant Rules — 3.1 (c): “High standards are expected from every player competing at all times. Each player must follow the SMITE Terms of Service that he or she agreed to upon signing up for an account, including Item 12 (Online Rules of Conduct). Failure to abide by the SMITE Terms of Service may result in punitive measures, including but not limited to disqualification, suspension from future events, and/or termination of your account.”