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The Summer Split has come to an end, but the LAN excitement isn’t over yet! Before we head into our final split of the year, we have one more live event for our SMITE esports fans: the eUnited Invitational. This all-stars event will see some of the most notable SPL players draft mix-and-match teams, then battle it out against each other and test their mettle versus some of Skillshot Media’s avid SMITE players!

This event will happen LIVE at the Skillshot Media Esports Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Keep reading below for a breakdown of the format for this event, how teams will be drafted, and when/where you can watch all the action unfold!


eUnited Invitational Draft Show


Date: August 9


Before we can kick off the invitational event, the pros will need to draft their all-star teams! On August 9, the four team captains who made it to the HRX 2018 semifinals will choose four other teammates from a pool of available players. The captains and the teams they’re drafting for are as follows:

  • Juggernauts (Captain: PolarBearMike)
  • Manticores (Captain: KaLaS)
  • Titans (Captain: JeffHindla)
  • Minotaurs (Captain: CaptainTwig)

Because this is an all-stars event, these team captains must adhere to a few rules to keep the draft phase interesting. These guidelines are as follows:

  • Captains cannot pick more than two players from a single team roster (including their own)
  • Captains must pick one member from the eUnited roster, and each starting member of the eUnited roster must be picked in the first round.
  • Captains cannot pick more than three players from their own region (including themselves).

Once this drafting phase is over and our four team captains have their star-studded rosters locked in, the real action begins!


eUnited Invitational Format


This two-day event will be broken down into self-contained tournaments on both days. Here’s a look at what will be happening on each day, as well as the format for each separate tournament.

  • Day 1 (Saturday, August 11): Pros vs. Skillshot
    • Best-of-five (Bo5) match
    • Drafted pro teams will face off against Skillshot Media’s best and brightest
  • Day 2 (Sunday, August 12): eUnited Invitational
    • Single-elimination bracket
    • Best-of-three (Bo3) semifinals
    • Best-of-five (Bo5) Grand Finals

For Sunday’s games, teams will be seeded in the order that their captains finished during the SMITE World Championships at HRX 2018. This seeding is as follows:

1. Juggernauts (PolarBearMike’s team)
2. Manticores (KaLaS’ team)
3. Titans (JeffHindla’s team)
4. Minotaurs (CaptainTwig’s team)


eUnited Invitational Broadcast Schedule


The eUnited Invitational event will be broadcast on all of our official streaming channels, including the SmiteGame Mixer channel and the HiRezTV Twitch channel.

The all-star action will begin with the draft show on August 9, and wrap up on August 12 after the final games have been played. Here’s a day-by-day breakdown so you don’t miss a minute:

  • Thursday, August 9: Draft Show
    • Begins at 1:00 PM ET
    • Team captains will assemble their superstar squads
  • Saturday, August 11: Skillshot vs. Pros
    • Begins at 11:00 AM ET
    • All-star teams will face off against Skillshot staff
  • Sunday, August 12: eUnited Invitational
    • Begins at 11:00 AM ET
      • Semifinal 1: Juggernauts vs Minotaurs
      • Semifinal 2: Manticores vs Titans
      • Grand Finals: Winner of semifinal 1 vs winner of semifinal 2



For more updates, broadcast reminders, and highlights as we draw closer to the eUnited Invitational event, be sure to follow the @SmitePro Twitter so you don’t miss out!