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Now that the Summer Split has drawn to a close, our SMITE Minor League players are turning their attention to the Fall Split later this month. This is the final split of the year, and there are some important changes to our format and broadcast schedule that you’ll want to be aware of!

Check out all the details below to see what’s coming in the Fall Split of the SML, which will run from August 28 – October 3.


SMITE Minor League Fall Split Changes


We know that a big point of feedback for the SML is for all games to be broadcast. However, after taking a look at the quality of games and competition level across all six teams, we felt the league’s format was also not the best it could be.

As such, we’re making two major changes to the SML for this split:

  • We will broadcast four out of five matches each week per region, and will follow a schedule that makes sure each team gets equal broadcast time and all teams will get broadcast time each week.
  • Each match will be changed to a best-of-one set.

We’ve decided to move away from best-of-three (Bo3) matches because we found that the large majority of them were not only 2-0 sweeps, but were often finished in under 25 minutes. This level of competition in a Bo3 format is draining to the audience and the players, and is showing no true improvement for competition or quality in the league. Best-of-one (Bo1) matches should make competition tighter while also providing equal broadcast time across the board for all teams.

We will continue to monitor the feedback for these adjustments to the SMITE Minor League as we make changes for the 2019 season.

In addition, online prizing will also see a slight increase in order to compensate for the Fall Split not having a LAN for the Minor League finals. However, teams may still earn prizing from the Placement Round of the SMITE World Championship depending on final placement.


SMITE Minor League Fall Split Format & Worlds Qualification


Dates: August 28 – October 3


Given the changes listed above, the SML Fall Split format will be as follows:

  • Six teams per region
  • Six weeks of play
  • Double round-robin format
  • Best-of-one (Bo1) matches

After these six weeks of play are completed, the top SML team from NA and the top SML team from EU will qualify for the placement round of the SMITE World Championship — which will take place at the Skillshot Media esports arena in Atlanta, GA.


SMITE Minor League Broadcast Schedule


For the Fall Split, the SML will be broadcast two days a week on both the official SMITE Mixer channel and our HiRezTV Twitch channel. Minor League games will go live at the following days/times:

  • Tuesdays @ 12:00 PM ET: SML EU (four matches)
  • Wednesdays @ 12:00 PM ET: SML NA (four matches)



For more updates and broadcast reminders as we head into the SMITE Minor League Fall Split, follow us on Twitter @SmitePro so you never miss an announcement. We’ll see you on the Battleground!