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  • Players Involved: xCreema_ and PBE_919
  • Team Involved: Imnsonia
  • Region: Europe
  • Subject: SMITE Console League (PS4) — Account Sharing
  • Date of Ruling: 9/21/18

Information: After receiving reports of possible account sharing, the Skillshot League Operations staff recently reviewed all player accounts in question (xCreema_ and PBE_919). These players were shown to be logging into each other’s accounts.

Ruling: The League Operations team has concluded that these two PS4 players violated the rules of the league during the online phase of the SCL on PS4. Because these players violated game’s Terms of Service, both players will be banned from competitive play for the remainder of the competitive season.

Relevant Rules — 5.1 (a): (i.) You will at all times follow the Game’s End User License Agreement, Hi-Rez’s Terms of Use and Service, and any relevant League Eligibility, Consent, and Release Agreement (for either Players or Teams) disclosed to you by Hi-Rez, all of which are hereby incorporated herein. For example, but not by way of limitation, you will at all times comply with Section 12 (Online Rules of Conduct) in Hi-Rez’s Terms of Use and Service.

(vi.) You will not share Game accounts or use multiple accounts in the League.