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  • Player Involved: Genetics (Insignem)
  • Region: Europe
  • Subject: Smite Minor League — Player Misconduct
  • Date of Ruling: 11/9/2018

Information: Our league operations staff recently discovered that SML player Genetics has engaged in unsportsmanlike behavior in-game. After reviewing evidence provided to the Skillshot league operations team, we have determined that the conduct displayed violates our league rules.

Ruling: The Skillshot staff has concluded that administrative action is necessary. Genetics has received a 72-hour in-game ban for this misconduct, and he is competitively banned for the rest of our HRX Placement Round tournament.

Relevant Rules — 5.1 (a):  (ii.) You will at all times use your best efforts to display superior integrity and well-mannered behavior during each Split and for so long as you are or intend to remain a League participant. You shall communicate in a responsible, appropriate, and positive manner in all public forums, including, without limitation, on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and inside the Game.

(iii.) You will at all times abstain from poor, undesirable, or negative behavior towards Hi-Rez or its respective shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, professional advisors, employees, independent contractors, and agencies, or toward sponsors, other Players, or other Teams.
5.1 (b):  (iii.) Acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, including, without limitation, (A) taking inappropriate actions toward other Players, Team Representatives, Team Captains, the community, Administrators, Hi-Rez personnel, or the general public, (B) taking inappropriate actions in a League Game such as “intentional feeding” or collusion, (C) constantly spamming emotes or other taunts in the Game, (D) verbally taunting another Team or Player, (E) sending inappropriate messages to another Player before, during, or after a League Game, or (F) spamming the “ping” tool in Game, including during a pause