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The last year has been an exciting time for the SMITE Console League. From the addition of PS4 to the first-ever cross-platform World Championship, the SCL has made some serious strides this season. But the journey isn’t over yet — and we’re excited to announce the details from the 2019 season of the SCL!


SMITE Console League 2019 Format


In the upcoming season of the SCL, there will be a dedicated circuit for both Xbox and PS4 throughout the entire year. This season will be split into two phases — Spring and Fall — with the mid-season LAN in between phases.

There will be qualifiers happening in February for the 2019 SCL season, and you can check out this blog post to see how you can participate in those upcoming SCL qualifiers.

There will also be relegations ahead of the Fall Split, in which the bottom two teams must face off against the top teams from an open bracket in order to see who will take those slots in the SCL for the Fall.

Here’s a look at the general schedule for the SCL in 2019:

  • Qualifiers: Begin February 16
  • Spring Split: 13 weeks of play
  • Relegations: Begin in June
  • Fall Split: 13 weeks of play
  • Final Event: SMITE Console Wars 2019

We will release a complete schedule alongside full league details as we get closer to the February start date for SCL qualifiers. We are still reviewing opportunities for other events for console throughout the year.



That’s all we have to announce for the SMITE Console League! We’ll be releasing additional details on SCL 2019 ahead of the qualifiers. For more info on our other SMITE esports leagues next year, check out our 2019 SMITE Pro League announcement. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @SmitePro for more updates on the SCL as we enter a new season!