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The SMITE Minor League has seen its fair share of excitement this year. But as we look forward to the future of the league, the upcoming 2019 season is looking to be the best one yet! There are some big changes on the horizon, so keep reading for the full rundown of the format, schedule, and other details, for the SML in 2019.


SMITE Minor League 2019 Format 


In 2019, the SML will be seeing some major changes, including:

  • Total of 8 teams.
  • No region restrictions — international players are able to compete on an SML team, so long as they play on the NA or EU servers with the rest of their team.
  • Teams will receive a minimum salary of $10,000 per player for the 5 starting roster members.
  • Skillshot will select 8 partner organizations to pick up SML teams.
  • Opportunity to quality for the SMITE World Championship and potentially other events.
  • All sets will be broadcast (Bo3 matches).

The Global Series will retire in 2019. However, we plan to introduce Regional Competition (including a qualification path to the World Championship) via partners in certain geographies outside of NA/EU. These partnerships will be announced later as they become available.

There will be no relegations for the Minor League in 2019. However, we are excited to announce the return of the SMITE Combine as a place to scout talent. More details on that below!

Although there are no relegations, there will be a method for teams who are consistently in the bottom of the league to be replaced. And at the end of Season 6, the bottom SML team in each region will be replaced with the top combine team in that region heading into Season 7.

SMITE Minor League Organizations & Off-Season

The following teams have been invited to participate in the 2019 season of the SML.

North America

  • Armada Esports
  • Sanguine Esports
  • Team CryptiK
  • Spacestation Gold


  • Flash Point
  • Team Queso
  • Simplicity
  • OutCold Gaming

The free agency period for these organizations to recruit players begins Friday, January 4. The free agency period will end on February 12.


SMITE Combine 2019 Details


The SMITE Combine is back for Season 6! The Combine will be a year-long tournament for amateur players to rise through the ranks and qualify for the SMITE Minor League. There will be a $20,000 prize pool for the Combine throughout the year.

Teams who do well in the Combine will have a direct path to the SML. At the start of Season 7, the top Combine team will replace the bottom Minor League team from Season 6.



That’s all we have to announce about the SMITE Minor League for now! We’ll be publishing additional details about the SML as we get closer to the start of the 2019 season. For more info on our other SMITE esports leagues next year, check out our SMITE Pro League Season 6 announcement¬†or our SMITE Console League 2019 announcement. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @SmitePro for more updates on the SML as we enter the new season!