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Season 5 of SMITE has just ended, but the race into Season 6 has already begun! We’re now in the off-season phase of the 2019 SMITE Pro League, which means rosterpocalypse is on the horizon. This quick guide will break down what the off-season phase is going to look like for players and fans.

For about the past week, we’ve been in the resigning phase of the SPL. During this time, teams who currently have players on their roster have the opportunity to resign those players under new contracts. But as of today, the resigning phase is wrapping up.

Tomorrow marks the start of the free agency period. During this time, all players who are free agents are allowed to begin negotiating with our partner organizations. This free agency period will end on January 8. By that time, all partner organizations must have full rosters signed on to play for them.

We have determined which 10 organizations will be joining us for Season 6 of the SPL — and we will be announcing two participating organizations per week over the next five weeks leading up to the end of the free agency period. Two organizations will be announced this week. Keep an eye on our social channels for more news on that as it comes out!

Details on participating organizations for the SML will be released at a later date.



That’s all you need to know about the SPL off-season! Stay tuned to @SmitePro on Twitter for upcoming organization announcements and other league announcements for the upcoming year. And in case you missed it, be sure to check out our SPL Season 6 announcement for all the details on what’s coming for the league in 2019.