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The start of the SML season is drawing closer every day, and today we are very excited to reveal the full rosters for all 8 teams who are participating in the league for 2019.

All SMITE Minor League rosters are as follows:

Armada OutCold Gaming Spacestation Gold Team Queso Flash Point Sanguine Simplicity Team CryptiK
Hunter Snoopy Spudio Oswaald Chekii0 Kespainify Netrioid StreakUp Diesel
Support NotGeno Breeze Mattypocket Dracomarino Fusify Ronngyu Genetics Mineral
Mid Meerkat PrettyPriMe Chapo Warchi FaraKrik Sheento DeathPanter sops
Jungle Masked Frostiak Amuel WorstTurttle Dzoni Panitom Faeles Zearoe
Solo Baskin Dimi UzzyWuzzy Julio Sibi Jarcor maniaKK Copebby
Sub/Coach AlphaJackal Oxiledeon IFates


In the coming weeks, we’ll release a full season match schedule so you can see when your favorite team plays their first SML match. All games will be broadcast live on the SmiteGame Mixer channel.

In the meantime, you can check out our post about the format for the SML in 2019 for more details on how this league will be structured.

Stay tuned to @SmitePro on Twitter for more updates and broadcast reminders as we get closer to kicking off another season of the SMITE Minor League!