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After three grueling weeks of battle, 16 squads have emerged as your SMITE Console League teams for this year. Today we are excited to announce the full rosters for all teams who are participating in the SCL on Xbox and PS4 for 2019.

For more details on the format for the SCL this year, check out our full Console League 2019 announcement to get all the info you need!

Xbox (Europe)
Team Ricardo EP Dobbos Disciples Totem Man
Hunter Tylern HydroYrN VaporishCoast0 Davy1108
Support Mr Turtle I Xeunmushh SW17CH DineOhSaw
Mid v 60m Fly Eribiiax Dobson naaateeeeee
Jungle Colossxl Maloaise ReformedMang0 RvL Rapio
Solo RvL Predators Killy1108 OverPowerdUSB ChronicThe bros


Xbox (North America)
Hype Unit One Night at LAN Passion SugarPeaSquad
Hunter oGryph IxI Wafflez X FATAL GHOST X BmBobby
Support Inbowned Forger Vulcan IAmTheHamster MJ Spit
Mid oBoronic Soul Re4p3r ErupT Crimson Mr Teep
Jungle Layers Slays Jprro Jangaru Sliced Kumquat
Solo MOR Wolves xxxpitbull805 Delnyy Wicked Honeys


PS4 (Europe)
Mv3 Esports Goblin Gang Bed Times Calling VGSGods
Hunter Ohisbe4st JustLion823 Sahota ClawLegend-
Support Joserayito2001 mrsacx ARYACRUZ-3 iiExiLenT
Mid Yassi_32 Cynortas Oiiy– oTPC-
Jungle OhMyJhox Kinder-_-WaRRioR SARPEII The_XGamer5301
Solo Lokiberto FataliTyxFire oCxnnahh Tear_Toxyc


PS4 (North America)
Evil Lemons Deputy Sharks Benedict’s Calvary Shrimp Gang
Hunter AxiomSpeed Menja MysticSalmon93 TheWeeznd
Support JoltakFromXbox Xbearsfan54 Houseplant72 MattKoiz
Mid Orignalspartan Jonslay22 Sternhawk272 xCovi
Jungle Mysweetpatato Privative Danielperez45 JumpahZSN
Solo Beaudilla Menja Snadows Niqu3d


SCL broadcasts will begin on March 11, so be sure to tune in to the official SmiteGame Mixer channel to catch your favorite team’s first matches. A full match schedule will be made available soon.

Stay tuned to @SmitePro on Twitter for more updates and broadcast reminders as we start kicking off the 2019 season of the SMITE Console League!