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With the SPL kicking off very soon, we know our fans are looking for new ways to support their favorite teams in the league. Today, we’re excited to announce that you can do just that on Mixer during our SPL esports broadcasts!

Starting March 28, viewers will be able to use a new suite of SPL-themed premium skills by purchasing Mixer Embers. These animated stickers will show up in chat for all to see and put your loyalty for your favorite team on display.


What are Mixer Embers?


Embers are a virtual currency on Mixer that you can purchase and spend on premium Skills, including the new animated Stickers for the SMITE Pro League. When you use these premium skills, you’ll also be able to add a custom message that’s highlighted in chat — so you can broadcast your hype to the SMITE esports community while they watch!


How do Mixer Embers support the SMITE esports community?


When you purchase Mixer Embers and use them on SPL-themed Skills, you’re supporting your favorite teams and SMITE esports in a number of ways. Not only are you cheering on your favorite squad, but you’re also contributing to our competitive ecosystem. A portion of the proceeds from Mixer Embers spent in our broadcasts will go back to the teams, and another portion will support the prize pool for our two major LAN events in 2019 — the Mid-Season Invitational and the SMITE World Championships.


What’s the difference between Mixer Embers and Sparks?


Sparks are a virtual currency that SPL viewers can earn for free simply by watching games on our official Mixer channel. Embers are a paid currency that viewers can purchase directly through Mixer’s website.

Sparks can be spent on a number of different Skills on channels all across Mixer, but they cannot be used to purchase or use our SPL-themed animated Stickers. Those Skills are exclusively available to users who purchase Embers.

You can get more details on both these currencies by visiting the informational pages for Mixer Sparks and Mixer Embers.


How do I purchase Embers?


If you’re a PC user, you can purchase Embers directly through the “Get Embers” button on the navigation bar of Mixer’s website. If you’re a mobile or console user, click the “Ember +” button in the Skills menu on your Mixer app.



Excited to try these new Ember skills? Head on over to our full SPL match schedule to see when your favorite team plays next! And be sure to follow us on @SmitePro for more updates and pro league news.