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  • Team Involved: eUnited
  • League: SMITE Pro League
  • Subject: SPL – Failure to appear on time for scheduled match
  • Date of Ruling: 05/07/2019




On Friday, May 3rd, eUnited was scheduled to play Spacestation Gaming in the SMITE Pro League starting at 1:00 PM ET. At approximately 12:20 PM ET, the League Operations staff reached out to the captain and one other player of eUnited to confirm whether the team would be at the Skillshot studio on time for their matches.

After receiving no communication back from those messages, we reached out to another player on the team who confirmed the time of the match and communicated that the team would be on their way shortly. This communication was received by League Operations staff at 12:34 PM ET.

The players were informed that if they were not at the Skillshot studio in time for their 1:00 PM ET match, they would be penalized with a Game 1 forfeit — and every delay of 5 minutes after 1:00 PM ET would warrant another game forfeit in accordance with the standard SMITE Pro League practice. The full roster did not show up until 1:08 PM ET, meaning two games in their best-of-five set were forfeited. eUnited was permitted to compete in the remaining games in the match, with Spacestation being given a 2-0 forfeit advantage in the match.

In terms of scheduling and call times, teams and players are expected to arrive at the Skillshot premises least an hour ahead of their scheduled match time to ensure there are no issues getting to the studio. Teams are also given a full match schedule at the start of the SPL season, and are promptly notified of any schedule changes that may occur. In the case of this eUnited vs Spacestation match, there were no schedule changes that would have affected the call times we communicated to the players.

Team captains are also sent an email on the Monday before every SMITE Pro League week that outlines their match schedule for that week. This documentation was sent to the captain of eUnited via email, and a Discord/Twitter message was also sent the night prior to the match confirming when the team was expected to show up at the studio.




Teams are responsible for being at the Skillshot studio on time for all their scheduled matches. In the case of an emergency or other issue that is out of a team’s control, the players must reach out to an administrator to discuss the problem so that both the teams and Skillshot can arrive at a solution for the affected games.

eUnited’s failure to be on time and the lack of communication from the eUnited players leading up to this issue was unacceptable, and their actions in this case caused a delay in our broadcast and the cancellation of two games.

In addition to the forfeited games in the match — which will count against eUnited’s game differential for this season — the team has been fined $5,000 for failure to appear on time for a scheduled SMITE Pro League Match.


Relevant Rules


3.4 Players, (b) Scheduling: Players shall be available to play a SPL Game during the scheduled times provided to them by an Administrator for such SPL Game. Participant understands and agrees that each Organization must field a complete Team roster by the scheduled start time for each SPL Game.

4.3 In-Game Procedures, (g) Delay of Game: Unless instituted by an Administrator, any delay of a SPL Game is strictly prohibited. It is the Player’s responsibility to communicate with such Player’s Team, and Organization Representative’s responisbility to communicate with Administrators about any actual or foreseeable delays.

5.2 Rules Violations, (b) Fines: If League Operator or an Administrator determines a Participant is in breach of any provision of these Rules, Participant may be subject to fines, the amount of which shall be determined by League Operator in its reasonable discretion. Furthermore, Participant understands and agrees that League Operator reserves the right to deduct, divert, withdraw, or set-off the full amount of any fines assessed against Participant from any compensation League Operator may owe, now or in the future, related to Participant. Participant shall, upon League Operator’s request, promptly take such action and/or provide any such authorizations, consents, instructions, or other documentation, which may be required in furtherance of the foregoing.