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In the months following our announcement of the SMITE Minor League format and the open bracket SMITE Combine, we’ve been collecting lots of feedback from the amateur competitive community. Based on this feedback, we will be making some changes to the schedules and formats of the SMITE Minor League and the SMITE Combine for Phase of both circuits.


SMITE Combine Changes


We will be changing the dates of the next two SMITE Combine tournaments so that they take place on the following days:

  • Tournament 5
    • Week 1: June 1-2
    • Week 2: June 8-9
    • Week 3: June 15-16
    • Week 4: June 22-23
  • Tournament 6
    • Week 1: June 29-30
    • Week 2: July 6-7
    • Week 3: July 13-14
    • Week 4: July 20-21

We are also changing the relegation process that leads from the SMITE Combine into the SMITE Minor League. The top two Combine teams (two NA, two EU) from the next three tournaments (Tournaments 4, 5, and 6) will be promoted into the SMITE Minor League for Phase 2 and will join the existing 8 teams — for a total of 12 SML teams in Phase 2.

The two Combine teams that are promoted into the SML will not be earning salary or awarded additional prizing for being promoted, but they will have the same opportunity to place first in the SML standings and qualify for the SMITE World Championship placement round this Fall.

Because we are promoting the top two Combine teams into SML at the mid-season mark, we will no longer move the top Combine team into SML at the beginning of the 2020 season (as was originally outlined in our Minor League format announcement).


SMITE Minor League Changes


Because there will be two teams added to the SMITE Minor League circuit in Phase 2, the format will be changed to accommodate the extra teams. The new format for the SML is as follows:

  • Double round-robin format
  • 30 matches over 13 weeks
    • Three matches per week for the first six weeks
    • One bye week at the halfway point
    • Two matches per week for the next six weeks

In spite of there being more matches, we will continue to broadcast only four SML games each week like we’ve been doing since Phase 1 began.

We are also removing the requirement that an SML team must win at least two games in a phase to avoid being replaced by a Combine team. Instead, the top two Combine teams will be added alongside the eight existing SML teams in lieu of replacing them.



We hope that these changes to the SMITE Combine and the SMITE Minor League will better satisfy the needs of our amateur competitive community and provide a clearer path into the SML for high-performing Combine teams.

For more information on how you can get involved in the Combine tournaments, visit our participation guide for the SMITE Combine.  And stay tuned to the @SmitePro Twitter page for more updates on these changes as we roll them out for Phase 2!