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Now that we’re over halfway through Phase 1 in Season 6 of the SMITE Pro League, many of our teams are starting to hit their stride and forge their place in the standings. But two of our teams shook up the Battleground today by announcing major changes to their rosters.

Both Splyce and Spacestation Gaming are switching up their rosters before this week’s SPL matches — and we’re excited to reveal who will stay, who will go, and who will trade places as part of this transition.

Moswal (mid lane) and Cyno (jungle) will both be parting ways with the Splyce roster. Venenu (mid lane) will move over to Splyce, while Cyno will move over to SSG. And Screammmmm will be coming out of the SML to play jungle for Splyce in Cyno’s stead. Moswal will not be continuing on in the SPL.

That’s a lot of changes to keep track of — so let’s make it simple. The new rosters for both teams are as follows:

Splyce Spacestation
Hunter CycloneSpin BaRRaCCuDDa
Support Aror JeffHindla
Mid Venenu Andinster
Jungle Screammmm Cyno
Solo Divios Aquarius


  • CycloneSpin (Hunter)
  • Aror (Support)
  • Venenu (Mid)
  • Screammmm (Jungle)
  • Divios (Solo)

Spacestation Gaming

  • BaRRaCCuDDa (Hunter)
  • JeffHindla (Support)
  • Andinster (Mid)
  • Cyno (Jungle)
  • Aquarius (Solo)

You’ll be able to see these revamped rosters starting this week in the SMITE Pro League! Splyce will play their first games with their new members on May 23 at 1:00 PM ET. You can view the full SPL match schedule to see when Spacestation will play their first matches following these roster changes.

For more behind-the-scenes information about how all these roster changes unfolded and where both teams expect to go from here, be sure to check out our player interviews with Aror, JeffHindla, and Venenu below!






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