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  • Players Involved: Speedbufff
  • Team Involved: Cyclone
  • Region: North America
  • Subject: SMITE Console League — Account Sharing
  • Date of Ruling: 5/23/19




Cyclone (JayGesus) violated the Terms of Service by logging into another player’s account (Speedbufff) in a league match against NemesisGG during Week 10 of the SMITE Console League. Account sharing is prohibited and all league players are made aware of this when they agree to the Terms of Service, as well as agree to the league rules for the SMITE Console League.




The League Operations team has concluded that Speedbufff violated the rules of the league during the online phase of the PS4 SMITE Console League. Because this player violated the game’s Terms of Service to gain an unfair advantage over another team, as well as attempt to evade a ban given, the players will be banned from all Hi-Rez/Skillshot tournaments for the remainder of Phase 1. The team will also be fined $500.00 from their overall prize winnings.


Relevant Rules


Prohibited Conduct. Participant understands and agrees that all of the following conduct is strictly prohibited:

3.1 (b): (Iv.) Manipulation or exploitation of the Game, directly or indirectly, to obtain an unfair advantage over other Players or users of the Game, including, but not limited to, any of the following: using any injector, cheat, hack, third party software/hardware, or other instruments, tools, materials, or methods.

v. Sharing account(s) or using multiple accounts in the SCL.