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Gods and goddesses! Community esports tournaments have long been at the heart of the competitive SMITE ecosystem. They’re a training ground for developing teams and a proving ground for rising superstars!

Whether you’ve got your eyes on the big leagues or you’re just after some fun with friends, we wanted to make it easier for you to scratch that competitive itch outside of official tournaments. That’s why we’ve created these sync-friendly calendars to help you get involved with the community SMITE esports events happening all over the world!


SMITE Community Tournament Calendars


If you’re looking to participate in a community tournament, there are plenty of opportunities across all regions and platforms. Just click the links below to add our calendars to your own, find a tournament that suits you, and dive on in!


Community Tournament FAQ


I’ve found tournament that I want to participate in, how do I sign up?

All listed tournaments are organized by community members, so the registration process may vary slightly for each tournament. Simply click on the calendar event for the tournament of your choice and follow the sign-up link to get started. If the link doesn’t work, be sure to let us know by sending an email to!

I already run a community tournament and my tournament is missing from this calendar! How can I get my tournament added?

Currently our calendars only list tournaments that receive in-game prizes from Hi-Rez Studios. Please review our guide on applying for community tournament prizes to get started, or contact if your tournament already receives in-game prizes from us.

My tournament is listed, but the information is incorrect! How can I get it fixed?

We can help with that! Send us an email to to tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll get it updated.

My tournament is listed, but I’m changing when I run it. How do I get my event updated?

To maintain an up-to-date calendar, we rely on community tournament organizers keeping us up to speed on their schedule changes. Get in touch via to let us know what’s changing!

I want to run a community tournament, how do I get started?

We’re always happy to welcome new community tournament organizers! Check out our guide on applying for community tournament prizes where you can find all of the information you need to get started.


How to Report an issue with Community Tournaments


Please be aware that all community tournaments run in Hi-Rez games per the Community Tournament License — and thereby tournaments listed in the calendars linked above are not official Hi-Rez Studios events, and are not representative of,  affiliated with, or officially supported by Hi-Rez Studios.

Community tournaments may hold sign-ups, check-ins, or provide admin support to participants through social media or chat servers. We encourage our players and community members to let us know if they’re encountering issues with these tournaments, or tournament spaces by contacting us via



Now that you’ve synced our community tournament calendars to your device, it’s time to dive in and sign up for the next event happening in your region! Be sure to follow @SmitePro on Twitter for future updates on community tournaments, sign-up reminders, and more!