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Gods and Goddesses! If you’re looking for some competitive action on the Battleground, look no further than SMITE community tournaments. Fan-organized tournaments have long been at the heart of the competitive SMITE ecosystem, and we want to ensure that all interested players have the resources they need to get involved.

Whether you’re looking for fun with friends, needing a proving ground for your budding competitive career, or trying to start your own community tournament/league, we have plenty of resources to help you out!

Keep reading for whatever information you may need, or check the links below to jump directly to your preferred section!

How to Find SMITE Community Tournaments


If you’re on the hunt for a community tournament to participate in, there are tons of options for you. Our SMITE community organizers host tournaments across all platforms and several regions — including North America, Europe, Latin America, and more!

To help you keep track of events you might be interested in, we’ve put together some sync-friendly calendars that display all the active community tournaments and unofficial leagues happening across all regions and platforms. Check out our SMITE community tournament calendar post to access those and add them to your own device!


How to Apply for Community Tournament Prizes


If you’re already hosting a community tournament/league or you’re hoping to start one, we’re here to help! Hi-Rez Studios is able to provide prizes to community tournaments through in-game rewards and (in some cases) promotional opportunities.

If you’d like to learn more about what the requirements are for receiving prizes from Hi-Rez and how you can get the process started, check out our guide on how to apply for SMITE community tournament prizes!


How to Report an Issue with a Community Tournament


All community tournaments are run in SMITE per the Community Tournament License found on the Hi-Rez Studios legal page — and thereby tournaments that are organized by community members are NOT official Hi-Rez Studios events and are not representative of, affiliated with, or officially supported by Hi-Rez Studios.

Community tournament organizers may hold sign-ups or provide admin support to participants via social media channels or chat servers where the Hi-Rez Studios team has little to no oversight. We encourage tournament participants and community members to let us know if they’re encountering issues with these tournaments or tournament spaces by contacting us via



That should cover everything you need to know about SMITE community tournaments! Now get out there and start participating in some of the events that are happening or work to organize your own. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @SmitePro to keep up with updates and reminders about community events happening for your region and platform!