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Although we’re only about halfway through Season 6, it’s time to start looking forward to the 2019 SMITE World Championship! This November, we will be returning to DreamHack Atlanta as part of the Hi-Rez Expo — where our top teams from all over the world will hit the Battleground to fight for glory and more than $1,000,000 between PC and console. Many will enter, but only one team will walk away as the Season 6 SMITE World Champions!

This post will cover all the details you need regarding SWC 2019 at DreamHack Atlanta — including format, participating teams, and match schedules. We’ll also go over information regarding the placement round for this event, which will happen a week before Hi-Rez Expo kicks off.


SMITE Console World Championship 2019


Before the Placement Round bracket, we will hold three matches which will serve as a dedicated SMITE Console World Championship, and will offer console players a prize pool that’s separate from the overall DreamHack Atlanta prize pool. The two final teams will move on in the Placement Round bracket and potentially qualify for the World Championship playoffs at DreamHack Atlanta.

Sunday, November 3rd

  • Match 1: Hype Unit vs. Arial Arise
  • Match 2: Team Rival vs. Big Money Esports
  • Match 3: Team Rival vs. Hype Unit

Top two teams qualify into the Placement Round Bracket vs. SML and SPL teams.


SMITE World Championship 2019 Placement Round

Dates: November 4 – November 8


Before our top SMITE teams head to DreamHack Atlanta for the World Championship, they’ll have to fight through a placement round to earn a seat in the playoff bracket. This will be a crossplay bracket that features a mix of top-seeded Console League and Minor League teams, plus the bottom-seeded Pro League rosters for a total of 10 teams in the placement round.

Qualified teams will be seeded as follows:

1. SK Gaming (SPL #7)
2. Luminosity (SPL #8)
3. Obey Alliance (SPL #9)
4.  Spacestation (SPL #10)
5. Sanguine Esports (SML NA #1)
6. Simplicity (SML EU #1)
7. Hype Unit (SML NA #2)
8. OutCold Gaming (SML EU #2)
9. Hype Unit (Console Wars #1)
10. Team Rival (Console Wars #2)

These 10 teams will make their way through the Placement Round bracket according to the following format:

  • Double-elimination format
  • Best-of-three (Bo3) matches until semifinals
  • Best-of-five (Bo5) semifinals
  • Best-of-three (Bo3) finals, with a one-game advantage for the winner’s bracket team
  • Top 2 teams will qualify into the DHATL19 bracket alongside the top six SPL teams
Placement Round Match Schedule


The SMITE World Championship Placement Round will run from Monday, November 4 until Friday, November 8. Matches will be broadcast on all our official channels, including Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube.

View the placement round bracket. 

Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of the schedule. Games will begin at 11:00 AM ET each day.

Monday, November 4

  • Match 1: OutCold Gaming vs Hype Unit (SCL)
  • Match 2: Hype Unit (SML) vs. Team Rival (SCL)
  • Match 3: Spacestation vs Sanguine Esports
  • Match 4: Obey Alliance vs Simplicity

Tuesday, November 5

  • Match 5: SK Gaming vs OutCold Gaming
  • Match 6: Luminosity vs Hype Unit (SML)
  • Match 7: Spacestation vs Team Rival (SCL)
  • Match 8: Obey Alliance vs Hype Unit (SCL)

Wednesday, November 6

  • Match 9: OutCold Gaming vs Spacestation Gaming
  • Match 10: Hype Unit (SML) vs Hype Unit (SCL)
  • Match 11: SK Gaming vs Sanguine
  • Match 12: Luminosity vs Simplicity

Thursday, November 7

  • Match 13: Sanguine vs Hype Unit (SCL)
  • Match 14: Luminosity vs Spacestation
  • Match 15: SK Gaming vs Simplicity (Bo5)
  • Match 16: Sanguine vs Luminosity

Friday, November 8

  • Match 17: Simplicity vs Sanguine
  • Match 18: SK Gaming vs Winner of Loser’s Bracket



SMITE Season 6 World Championship at DreamHack Atlanta


Dates: November 15-17


The top two teams who survive the Placement Round will continue on to compete against the top six SPL teams in the playoff bracket during Hi-Rez Expo at DreamHack Atlanta 2019. The format for this championship bracket is as follows:

  • 8 participating teams
  • Single-elimination bracket
  • Best-of-three (Bo3) quarterfinals
  • Best-of-five (Bo5) semifinals
  • Best-of-five (Bo5) Grand Finals

Participating teams will be seeded as follows in the SWC 2019 bracket:

1. Team Rival (SPL #1)
2. Splyce (SPL #2)
3. Renegades (SPL #3)
4. Dignitas (SPL #4)
5. Pittsburgh Knights (SPL #5)
6. eUnited (SPL #6)
7. SK Gaming (Placements #1)
8. Sanguine Esports (Placements #2)

Click here to view the SMITE World Championship bracket.

Match Schedule


For all three days of Hi-Rez Expo at DreamHack Atlanta, we will be broadcasting the SMITE World Championship across every major platform — including Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube!

Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of the match schedule. Our broadcast will begin at 11:00 AM ET each day, but matches may be preceded by other content. Visit the Hi-Rez Expo schedule page for match times and other broadcast schedule details.

Friday, November 15

  • Match 1: Team Rival vs Sanguine Esports
  • Match 2: Dignitas vs Knights
  • Match 3: Splyce vs SK Gaming
  • Match 4: Renegades vs eUnited

Saturday, November 16

  • Match 5: Rival vs Dignitas
  • Match 6: SK Gaming vs Renegades

Sunday, November 17

  • Match 7: SK Gaming vs Rival

That’s all the information we currently have to reveal about the Season 6 SMITE World Championship! If you haven’t already, be sure to purchase tickets for Hi-Rez Expo 2019 at DreamHack Atlanta so you can watch the pinnacle event of the season LIVE at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @SmitePro for more updates as we head into Phase 2!