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Calling all college students! We are excited to announce that we’re bringing you another university-level SMITE esports opportunity this Fall.

Skillshot is partnering with NACE (the National Association of Collegiate Esports) to hold another collegiate SMITE championship series. Much like the tournament series we held last Fall, the 2019 NACE SMITE Championship will feature a four-week circuit that culminates in a final championship during Hi-Rez Expo at DreamHack Atlanta.

Registration begins today, September 18. Keep reading for more details regarding the format for this tournament series and how you can sign up to participate!


2019 NACE SMITE Championship Format


The tournament format for the 2019 NACE SMITE Championship will begin with three weeks of open bracket play. The format for these open bracket tournaments is as follows:

  • Single-elimination
  • Best-of-one (Bo1) matches
  • Best-of-three (Bo3) semifinals & finals

Teams will earn points based on their placement in each week of the open bracket. The top 8 teams with the most points will qualify for a fourth week of group stages. The format for the group stage is as follows:

  • Round robin
  • Two groups of four teams
  • Best-of-three (Bo3) matches

The top team from each group will quality for the NACE Championship held at DreamHack Atlanta.

The prizing breakdown for this event is:

  • 1st Place: 16,000 gems per player
  • 2nd Place: 8,000 gems per player
  • 3rd Place: 4,000 gems per player


2019 NACE SMITE Championship Participation Requirements


In order to be eligible to participate in the NACE Championship for SMITE, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Full-time student (taking at least 12 credit hours this Fall)
  • Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA on a 4.00 scale
  • School must be listed in the NACE School Directory
  • All team members must attend the same school or institution

There are no entry fees for registering. If you and your teammates meet the requirements listed above, check out the next section to see how you can sign up to participate in this collegiate SMITE circuit!

***Note: Players may NOT compete in the SMITE NACE Championship and the Paladins NACE Championship at the same time.


How to Participate in the 2019 NACE SMITE Fall Championship


If you meet the listed requirements above, you’re ready to register for the tournament. Each week’s matches will be played on Saturdays at 11:00 AM ET, and registration for those matches will be open from Sunday until the Friday before the tournament.

Here is a schedule for all four weeks of this tournament series, including the date the tournament will be played and when you can register for each week.


Week 1 (Open Bracket) September 28, 2019 September 18 – 27, 2019
Week 2 (Open Bracket) October 5, 2019 September 29 – October 4, 2019
Week 3 (Open Bracket) October 12, 2019 October 6 – 11, 2019
Week 4 (Group Stages) October 19, 2019 Closed bracket – no registration


In order to register for any week of the open bracket, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Join the NACE SMITE Discord server. In this server, you’ll be able to communicate with tournament administrators and receive updates about your matches. Each Sunday, a registration form will be distributed in this Discord server. Click here to join.

Step 2: Register your team using your university email address. Once the registration form is sent out via the NACE SMITE Discord, you and your teammates must fill it out completely to register for the tournament. Be sure to get your registration submitted before the Friday deadline, or you will not be able to compete in that week’s matches.

***PLEASE NOTE: ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST REGISTER WITH A UNIVERSITY EMAIL ADDRESS (.EDU or .CA) Failure to do so will make you ineligible to compete.

Step 3: Show up by 10:00 AM ET for your games on Saturday. Once you’ve successfully submitted the registration form, all that’s left to do is wait for game day! Make sure you’re actively checking the NACE SMITE Discord server at 10:00 AM ET on the Saturday you’re scheduled to play. A tournament administrator will start sending out updates and instructions about an hour before your matches are set to begin.

Step 4: Play! After receiving instructions from your tournament administrators, you’re ready to hit the Battleground and fight for your spot in the final week of this championship series!



That’s everything you need to know to get involved with this year’s NACE SMITE Championship! For further announcements and registration reminders, follow us on Twitter @SmitePro or join the NACE Discord server. And for more collegiate esports opportunities, check out @NACEsports on Twitter.