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  • Team Involved: Hyve Central
  • Console/Region: Xbox EU
  • Subject: SMITE Console League — Unprofessional Conduct
  • Date of Ruling: 10/14/2019




During the Dobbos Disciples vs Hyve Central match in Week 11 of the SCL, our league operations team noticed some in-game conduct that does not align with the rules of our league. In multiple instances, players from Hyve Central seemed to intentionally dive the enemy team with no regard for strategy and no real intention to team fight. There were also several instances where it appeared that the players were not taking this game seriously. In one such instance, substitute Hyve player TylerN dove past an important team fight to take out Dobbos Disciples player Dobson in the backline — but when he failed to secure the kill, he rotated in circles while using (and wasting) his Anubis ult. Similarly, at the start of Game 2, this same player blinked in just to use the dance emote, wasting an important active cooldown.




The league operations team has determined that Hyve Central violated the rules of the SMITE Console League during this match. Because several members on this team did not exemplify the professional conduct we expect from our players, Hyve Central will be fined $500 for their unprofessional conduct in this match. The team will also not receive any of the prizing associated with the match played in Week 11 vs Dobbos Disciples.


Relevant Rules:


3.1: B. Prohibited Conduct. Participant understands and agrees that all of the following conduct is strictly prohibited:

vii. Acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, including, without limitation, (A) taking inappropriate actions toward other Players, Team Representatives, Team Captains, the community, Administrators, Hi-Rez personnel, Skillshot personnel, or the general public, (B) taking inappropriate actions in a League Game such as “intentional feeding” or collusion, (C) constantly spamming emotes or other taunts in the Game, (D) verbally taunting another Team or Player, (E) sending inappropriate messages to another Player before, during, or after a League Game, or (F) spamming the “ping” tool in Game, including during a pause.

5.2 Rules Violations, (b) Fines: If League Operator or an Administrator determines a Participant is in breach of any provision of these Rules, Participant may be subject to fines, the amount of which shall be determined by League Operator in its reasonable discretion. Furthermore, Participant understands and agrees that League Operator reserves the right to deduct, divert, withdraw, or set-off the full amount of any fines assessed against Participant from any compensation League Operator may owe, now or in the future, related to Participant. Participant shall, upon League Operator’s request, promptly take such action and/or provide any such authorizations, consents, instructions, or other documentation, which may be required in furtherance of the foregoing.