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We might be in the off-season for the SMITE Pro League, but lately some of our pro players have been grinding hours on the newest hunter to hit the Battleground — Heimdallr! This fresh addition to the Norse pantheon brings a unique twist to the hunter role, with specialized vision mechanics and a powerful ultimate that will yeet enemies into the cosmos.

Heimdallr the Vigilant has taken some time off from watching over Asgard to join the fight on the Battleground of the Gods. If you want to try your hand at piloting this divine sentry in Season 6, pro players Fineokay, Wowy, and Weak3n are here to help you figure out the basics and find a build that will make you an axe-throwing machine.

In this guide, we’ll go over some pro tips on how to build and play Heimdallr in update 6.13, and what you need to be focusing on when you bring this all-seeing hunter to the battlefield.


How to Play Heimdallr


Heimdallr is more than just a standard ADC, and his kit boasts a few distinct abilities that set him apart from the other hunters in SMITE’s god pool. According to our pro players, this vigilant hunter can bring added vision, excellent peel, and high-impact damage to your team’s composition — which means he’s a force to be reckoned with if you play him correctly.


Positioning & Rotation


Anyone who has played a hunter or mage before will know generally how Heimdallr should be positioned. Stay in the backline, play off your team’s engagement, and stay within reach of your mid laner so you can turn on enemies who dive you and use Heimdallr’s built-in CC to help them out.

Wowy points out that thanks to Heimdallr’s extra vision, high damage, and god-given teleportation abilities make him a fierce lane bully who can maintain a lead while being relatively safe. He also points out that given his Bifrost ability, Heimdallr players pretty much have a free rotation to mid or to enemy jungle camps whenever they want. As long as you have your boots finished, you should be looking to take advantage of your good early fighting and your ability to bounce around different points on the map.


Ability Combos & Leveling


Each of Heimdallr’s abilities are powerful individually — but if you learn to combo them properly, you’ll be absolutely unstoppable.

His first ability, Piercing Sight, is a valuable way to gain vision and scope out a team fight before diving in. If you’re confident in your game knowledge, Fineokay suggests that Heimdallr players try to call the shots in team fights thanks to their extra vision from Piercing Sight. Once you’ve seen everything you need to see, refire the ability to throw some AoE damage at the enemy.

His second ability, Gjallarhorn, is a great crowd control tool. Pop it to peel enemies, slow down their movement and attack speed, and even deal some decent dot damage. Using this ability wisely to control enemy movement on the battlefield can easily turn the tides of a team fight in your favor. Or if you need to disengage, you can use Gjallarhorn for some added knockup immunity and bonus protections that may help you make it out alive. Fineokay even suggests that players shouldn’t be afraid to insta-cancel their Gjallahorn for some quick CC, then set up for whatever’s next.

If you’re looking to deal guaranteed damage, pro hunter Wowy notes that you can pop Piercing Sight, then immediately pop Gjallahorn to slow your enemies so they can’t avoid the AoE damage when you refire Piercing Sight. He also recommends perfecting a Gjallahorn > auto attack > Through the Realms combo that will take your enemy from 100 to 0 before they even know what hit them.

Heimdallr’s third ability, The Bifrost, is easy to learn, but hard to master. You need a lot of awareness in how you place your Bifrost crystal fragments, or else you might find yourself in a sticky situation. In the early stages of the game, you should be extremely cautious about using The Bifrost all the way across the map because it makes you susceptible to ganks, takes much longer to channel, and has a longer cooldown the further you go. In most cases you won’t need this cross-map mobility until the very late game, so you’re better off using your Bifrost portals more opportunistically to teleport to map objectives or quickly move in and out of fights. If you want to be extra aggressive in a team fight, you can throw one of your Bifrost crystals into a neutral area outside the fight so you can quickly teleport away if need be.

In addition to setting up movement paths, you can also use your Bifrost crystals as wards instead for wide-reaching vision — and once they’re set up, any enemy who walks between your two Bifrost fragments will be revealed to you no matter where you are on the map. So play around and see how you can leverage both the movement and vision aspects of this ability.

Last but not least, Heimdallr’s Through the Realms ultimate will let you yeet an enemy right out of a fight or away from an escaping ally. Aside from its obvious uses for controlling high-priority targets, effectively combining this ultimate with the other abilities in his kit can absolutely shred your enemies.

If you want to control an enemy from start to finish, you can hit them with the Wowy-recommended Gjallahorn > auto attack > Through the Realms combo that will drain their health bar before they touch the ground. But if you want to max out your DPS potential, Fineokay suggests perfecting a Through the Realms > auto attack > Piercing Sight combo that will let you deal massive amounts of damage to your enemy the moment they come back down to earth.

Regardless of what combos you choose to leverage in a fight, our pros agree on one thing — perfecting auto cancels on Heimdallr is a must. After every second auto attack, pop your Gjallarhorn ability to auto cancel and keep the cleaves coming through at lightning speed.

In most cases, your leveling order for Heimdallr’s abilities will be as follows:

Through the Realms > Piercing Sight > Gjallarhorn > The Bifrost

While it might be tempting to level up Gjallarhorn first, Weak3n notes that this ability is primarily a peeling tool in the early game and doesn’t do impactful damage until the late game — so you’re better off prioritizing Piercing Sight early on then maxing out Gjallarhorn later.


How to Build Heimdallr


Now that you’ve mastered positioning on Heimdallr and perfected all his combos, you’ll need to make sure you’re building him properly. He might be classed as a Hunter, but with the right build Heimdallr can function well as an ADC, a jungler, or perhaps even as a solo. Here are some pro-endorsed builds you might want to try for Heimdallr, based on your team’s needs.


Attack Speed Heimdallr Build


If you’re looking to play Heimdallr as a primary damage-dealer, our pros agree that an attack speed build is most effective in this role. Fineokay points out that while Heimdallr may not have a typical attack speed buff, his autos pack a punch and are easy to hit — and Weak3n agrees that with Heimdallr’s powerful hit chain, you’re just going to want to keep on hitting.

Suggested items for this damage-oriented build include:

  • Transcendence
  • Ninja Tabi
  • Asi
  • Executioner
  • Qin’s Sais
  • Odysseus’ Bow

Your starter item for this build depends heavily on your role in the team comp, but a Hunter’s Blessing will usually work best here. After that, Transcendence is a key early item for the added power, mana, and CDR. Then you want to focus almost entirely on powering up your auto attacks with items like Ninja Tabi, Asi, Executioner, Qin’s Sais, or Odysseyus’ Bow. Your abilities already hit hard, so being able to mow people down with deadly axe attacks will be key to making sure you aren’t vulnerable while your abilities are on cooldown.

Depending on the game state, you may want to consider picking up a Titan’s Bane in one of these item slots to shred through enemy protections, or even a Bloodforge for some added sustain and extra move speed. If there are any healers on the enemy team, you can slot in a Toxic Blade for that sweet sweet anti-healing.


Jungle Power Heimdallr Build


While Weak3n is adamant that a traditional hunter attack build is the most satisfying option for Heimdallr, he points out that an ability-based build with lots of power and CDR can work too. Fineokay corroborates that theory, noting that Heimdallr works well in the jungle role with a pure power and penetration build.

Suggested items for this ability-oriented build include:

  • Jotunn’s Wrath
  • Warrior Tabi
  • Transcendance
  • Hydra’s Lament
  • Heartseeker
  • Crusher
  • Titan’s Bane

If you’re looking to jungle with this build, start off with an Assassin’s Blessing then focus on increasing your power while decreasing your cooldowns — which means picking up items like Jotunn’s Wrath, Transcendence, and Hydra’s Lament. As your enemies get beefier toward the late game, transition into items like Heartseeker or Crusher to rip through enemy defenses. You can also consider a Titan’s Bane if you need to bypass their physical protections, or a Bloodforge if you need some added sustain to get you through those team fights.


Solo Bruiser Heimdallr Build


Given Heimdallr’s extra vision and lane bully potential, it’s no wonder we’ve seen him played quite a bit in the solo lane — and if you want to fly solo with this vigilant hunter, you’ll need to change your build accordingly.

Anyone who has watched Fineokay play Heimdallr in solo lane has seen some version of the Heimdallr bruiser build. Suggested items include:

  • Warrior Tabi
  • Berserker’s Shield
  • Blackthorn Hammer
  • Runic Shield
  • Void Shield
  • Toxic Blade

For this build, you’ll almost always start off with Warrior’s Blessing. After that, focus on increasing your physical power while decreasing the enemy’s power and protections. Picking up items like Berserker’s Shield, Void Shield, and Runic Shield can sustain you while weakening the enemy’s defenses, and Blackthorn Hammer tops it all off with some mana sustain and passive CDR. You might also consider picking up Gladiator’s Shield (perhaps instead of a Berserker’s Shield) if you’d rather have even more CDR and ability-based healing. Top it all off with a Toxic Blade to put a dent in your solo opponent’s sustain, and they won’t stand a chance of winning your lane.




If you’re piloting Heimdallr, the usual safety relics (Purification Beads and Aegis) are going to be a must in most games. Because your Bifrost escape isn’t instant and can be on cooldown for a while, you’ll need some quick safety in a fight. Weak3n points out that you can pop Aegis when attempting to escape via your Bifrost crystals, which can come in clutch if you’re under pressure and your ultimate is on cooldown.

If you’re playing off-role and taking Heimdallr into the jungle or the solo lane, Fineokay suggests picking up Blink for one of your relic slots instead. The Blink + Gjallarhorn knockup combo is a great initiation tool, as is the Blink + Through the Realms combo to lob your enemies into oblivion.


When to Pick Heimdallr


Heimdallr can fit into most team compositions and synergize well. But our pro players had a few key suggestions on the best and worst god matchups for The Vigilant.

Weak3n says that just about any frontliner or CC-heavy god will create enough space for Heimdallr to go to work and shred the enemy. He’s an especially good pick if your team has other high-impact gods with big ultimates that can follow up on his Through The Realms ability — like Kukulkan, Ra, Scylla, and etc.

For Wowy, Heimdallr is an excellent pick into mage ADCs, which is invaluable in the current meta. Because of Heimdallr’s lane bully potential, he’s also a great pick against any hunter with low clear/fight potential and can at least stalemate most highly aggressive ADCs.

But if you’re facing a team with lots of lockdown or mobility (like Susano or Serqet), you’ll need to think twice about picking Heimdallr. He’s also a very risky pick against any god who can blink in on him easily and not be punished — especially if you’re playing him in solo. So make sure you’re paying close attention to who your lane opponent will be if you’re considering a Heimdallr pick for your game.




Now that you’ve gotten some pro-level advice, you should have everything you need to build and play Heimdallr like a god as we close out Season 6 of SMITE. But if you’re still looking for a few more tips on how to play this axe-wielding hunter, check out Weak3n’s Heimdallr playthrough, Fineokay’s guide for playing Heimdallr in solo, or Wowy’s grind to a diamond Heimdallr to get some extra insight and pro tips.

Now go forth and be Vigilant!