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  • Player Involved: Dingodile (Bloogy and the Woogys)
  • Region: North America
  • Subject: SMITE Challenger Circuit Qualifiers — Player Misconduct
  • Date of Ruling: 2/26/2020

Information: Our league operations staff recently discovered that SCC Qualifiers participant Dingodile has been engaged in unsportsmanlike behavior — including the use of slurs and other banned language in-game. Our league operations team performs regular audits in SMITE and in player chat logs to verify that all league participants are meeting the standards set forth in our rules regarding player conduct. After reviewing Dingodile’s chat logs in one of these audits, we have determined that his conduct is a violation of our league rules.

Ruling: The league operations staff  has concluded that because this misconduct was repeated several times, administrative action is necessary. As such, Dingodile will be competitively banned from all our leagues until the conclusion of the Phase 1 Circuit Playoffs for SCC/SOC.

Relevant Rules: 4.1 (b):  (ii.) You will at all times use your best efforts to display superior integrity and well-mannered behavior during each Split and for so long as you are or intend to remain a League participant. You shall communicate in a responsible, appropriate, and positive manner in all public forums, including, without limitation, on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and inside the Game.