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Season 7 of SMITE has seen a lot of changes so far — and anyone who has found themselves in the jungle this year knows that things feel a little different. Between new jungle objectives and some item balance updates, you might be wondering what the most effective builds for assassins are right now.

Luckily, we’ve enlisted the help of pro jungler Lasbra from Renegades! In this guide, Lasbra will break down the two primary build paths for assassins, then go over which items and jungle strategies you should avoid when locking in an assassin.

In terms of assassin types, Lasbra defines two basic groups in Season 7 — ability-based assassins and auto-attacker assassins. Keep reading to see which items he suggests for each type.

Note: The builds listed here are recommended as of Update 7.2. If later patches produce item balance changes that alter the efficacy of these hunter builds, we’ll update this guide with the latest info as it becomes available!


Full Power Ability-Based Assassin Build


Ability-based assassins (like Susano, Thor, Bastet, Hun Batz, and Camazotz) are able to blow up squishy targets with insane burst damage. These ability-based junglers tend to come online sooner than basic attack assassins, and their builds tend to prioritize damage over pretty much everything else.

Remember: you won’t have any extra protections or health with this build, so make sure you’re taking down those backline squishies and then getting out to safety as quickly as possible.

Items you might want to build for an ability-based assassin include:

  • Assassin’s Blessing
  • Warrior Tabi
  • Crusher/Brawler’s Beatstick
  • Transcendence
  • Hydra’s Lament/Titan’s Bane
  • Heartseeker
  • Bloodforge

Start this build with an Assassin’s Blessing, Mace (T1 of Crusher), then a health potion and a multi potion. Another viable start here is Morningstar over Mace, but Lasbra recommends Mace. If you’re in doubt about which to start first, take a look at your team. If you need to be able to fight right away, start with Mace. But if you think you have time for a slower start, prioritize Morningstar so you can rush Transcendence.

Before you finish that Mace (or Morningstar), getting your boots online is a priority, so pick up Warrior Tabi quickly to get that extra move speed boost on your jungle rotations. Once your boots are online, finish off that Mace item. Lasbra advises getting Crusher here — but if you’re against a healer you’ll want to grab Brawler’s Beatstick for this slot instead. Either of these items will grant you physical power and penetration for some added punch on your abilities.

Next, it’s time to finish Transcendance. The physical power is an obvious benefit here, but the real bonus with this item is the added mana and CDR that will help you spam your abilities. If you elected to go the Morningstar route, finish Transcendence after boots and then buy Crusher for this item slot instead.

Now it’s time to start looking toward your later game items. When you’re against a squishy comp (the enemy jungler is going mostly damage, or they have a non-tank solo, or etc.), pick up a Hydra’s Lament for extra physical power and even more CDR. This item’s passive will also grant extra basic attack damage following an ability, which comes in clutch if you’re popping your abilities on cooldown. But if your opponents are really tanky, Hydra’s may not be your best choice — so pick up Titan’s Bane in this spot instead to bypass their physical protections.

After that, Lasbra recommends Heartseeker. This item’s passive scales off your physical power, and you should have a ton of that by now if you’ve built the suggested items!

Once your Heartseeker is completed, sell your Assassin’s Blessing and pick up Bloodforge. Not only will this item give you a ton of power, but its passive grants you a health shield after kills. That makes it a perfect pick for getting you out of tight spots, and is invaluable considering the lack of protections in the rest of your build.

Lasbra also notes that if you make it to the late game, you can sell your boots to pick up an Elixir of Speed — meaning you can grab one last item. He recommends picking up either Titan’s Bane or Hydra’s Lament for this slot, whatever you didn’t buy originally.


Basic Attack Assassin Build


Basic attack assassins (aka auto-attack assassins) are pretty different from ability-based assassins in terms of their play style. This type of assassin will rely primarily on their basic attacks to deal damage rather than their abilities. Auto-attack assassin builds come online a little more slowly than ability-based power builds, but you’ll do a lot more heavy lifting in the late game as your AA damage scales up.

AA assassin builds tend to be much more god-dependent than ability-based builds, so we asked Lasbra who some of his favorite basic attack assassins are and what he suggests building on them.




If you’ve locked in the Goddess of Destruction, Lasbra recommends these items:

  • Warrior Tabi/Ninja Tabi
  • Crusher
  • Hydra’s Lament
  • Hastened Katana
  • Qin’s Sais
  • Bloodforge/Titan’s Bane

If you’ve locked in Kali, you’ll start your build with either Warrior or Ninja Tabi. While Warrior Tabi is usually the top pick for any assassin thanks to its higher physical power, Ninja Tabi grants added attack speed and move speed that can work in Kali’s favor during the early game.

After boots, you’ll start beefing up your physical power and attack speed with Crusher and Hydra’s Lament, the latter of which will buff your basic attacks with bonus damage. Then it’s time to turn up the heat with Hastened Katana, which will negate the AA movement penalty every time you land a basic attack — meaning you can stick to your target and keep on swinging.

Following Hastened Katana, Lasbra recommends Qin’s Sais for the added physical damage on basic attacks. Then toward the late game, start looking at either Bloodforge (for added sustain from its kill-dependent health shield) or Titan’s Bane (if you need to shred enemy tanks).




If you’re gonna go fast with the Messenger of the Gods, here’s what Lasbra recommends buying:

  • Warrior Tabi
  • Rage
  • Arondight
  • Deathbringer
  • Titan’s Bane
  • Bloodforge

If you’ve locked in Mercury, you’ll start your build with the standard Warrior Tabi pickup. But after that, crit is the name of the game. Start things off with Rage so you can start grinding out those crit chance stacks. Once that’s online, start looking at Arondight. The added movement speed and physical power from this item’s passive will synergize beautifully with Mercury’s passive.

After Arondight is online, it’s back to building crit with Deathbringer. Toward the late game, you’ll want to build into Titan’s Bane to rip right through the enemy’s physical protections, then finish it out with Bloodforge to keep yourself sustained when you dunk on the enemy backline.




This isn’t necessarily the order you’ll want to build in for Bakasura, but these will be your core items regardless of what you prioritize after you’ve finished your boots.

  • Warrior Tabi
  • Hastened Katana
  • Qin’s Sais
  • Stone Cutting Sword
  • Atalanta’s Bow
  • Bloodforge

This isn’t necessarily the order you’ll want to build in for Bakasura, but these will be your core items regardless of what you prioritize after you’ve finished your boots.

Most of these items are pretty standard in terms of assassin pathing. Hastened Katana will mitigate the AA movement speed debuff so you can keep the blows coming, and Qin’s Sais will make your basic attacks hit much harder. Bloodforge will grant you that extra health shield to keep you sustained.

But unlike other assassins on this list, Lasbra suggests Stone Cutting Sword as a core item for Bakasura. Its passive will help you shred your enemy’s protections while increasing your own protections — so you can stay in the fight longer and take out your targets before they know what hit them. He also recommends Atalanta’s Bow, as the stacking move speed in addition to Bakasura’s passive makes for one very fast (and very hungry) boy.


Assassin Items to Avoid


Hopefully by now you have a solid understanding of what items you should be building for your assassin, let’s break down the items you shouldn’t be building. Lasbra highlighted a few items that he’s not personally a fan of and would advise avoiding.

Runeforged Hammer: While the passive on this item can sometimes be useful, it’s pretty situational and in most cases isn’t really worth picking up.

Soul Eater: For Lasbra, Soul Eater is basically a Pele-only item (if even that) and he recommends staying away from it for now. If you absolutely MUST play with crazy sustain, try out Camazotz with his aforementioned full power ability-based build instead. Cama is really strong right now and tons of sustain built into his kit.


Final Tips


To round out all the insights we’ve gotten from his suggested builds, we asked Lasbra if he had any final pieces of advice for junglers trying to pilot assassins in Season 7 Conquest. And thankfully he did!

Don’t forget about the Jungle Shrine! This is a great new source of global gold for your team, but it does have a cap! Once it’s full, you and your mid laner should be sharing the responsibility of making sure you clear it so your team isn’t wasting farm.

Farm your brains out. This season is a bit more farm-centric than seasons past, so don’t be afraid to share some mid lane waves! If you go for a gank in duo and don’t find much, try to get a bit of the gold and experience from the minion wave and then get outta there. You should also try to time your rotations with the purple buff spawning so that even if your gank doesn’t pan out, you can come back and grab the buff.



That wraps up our pro tips for assassin builds! If you take them to heart, you’re guaranteed to dunk on the enemy backline in Season 7 of SMITE. If you’re queueing Conquest to try out these builds, be sure you check out our pro tips guide for the S7 Conquest map to get even more strategies and insights. Or take a look at your other recommended build guides:

We’d like to thank Lasbra for sharing his jungle insights with us! You can follow him on Twitter @LasbraGG or catch some of his jungler builds in action when the SMITE Pro League kicks off this March.

Now go forth and conquer with your assassin! But make sure you follow us on Twitter @SmitePro for more news, guides, and tips on how to play SMITE like a pro.