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Hello SMITE Pro League fans!

As most of you know, there have been some pretty big changes among our partner organizations recently. Ghost departed the SPL before the start of the season and Radiance came in as our new partner organization. Then Ghost was acquired by Team Rival, and now Team Rival’s SPL roster will be playing under the Ghost Gaming brand.

In today’s 7.5 update for SMITE, we updated all the in-game data for our SPL teams to reflect all the branding changes that they’ve made. We realize our players have a lot of questions about how these changes will affect their in-game items, so here’s a brief guide to walk you through it.

I bought cosmetic items for Ghost or Rival. Do I get a refund? 

Potentially. If you purchased Ghost items at the start of SPL Season 7, we will refund any gems spent on those items because Ghost did not participate in the league for the weeks leading up to this change. However, because Team Rival did play for several weeks in the SPL before rebranding, we will not be refunding any gem purchases for Team Rival cosmetics.

How do I get my refund? Do I need to do anything? 

No. We will automatically refund these purchases, so players do not need to take any action.

If I’m getting a refund for the Ghost cosmetics, will they also be taken away from my account?

No. We realize that some users may want to keep these cosmetic items even if they get refunded. The items will remain equippable in your account even after your refund has been processed.

Does this change mean I’m able to purchase cosmetic items for Ghost or Radiance? 

Yes. In the 7.5 update, we re-activated Ghost’s cosmetic items in the esports store and added both an avatar and a ward skin for Radiance. All cosmetic items for Ghost and Radiance are now available for purchase in the esports store.



We appreciate our fans’ patience and flexibility as we work through these changes, and we can’t wait to see you boasting your new Ghost or Radiance items in-game. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SmitePro for more SPL updates as we enter the second half of Phase 1!