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  • Players Involved: Haddix, Oswaald, Sibyl, Bars, n33vy, CaptainTwig, SoloOrTroll, & Wowy
  • Leagues: SCC, SOC, & SPL
  • Subject: Player Misconduct — Discriminatory Language
  • Date of Ruling: 06/04/2020




As many of our fans know, we recently revealed a new customer support policy regarding the use of hate speech in-game. In response to these increased anti-toxicity measures, our league operations staff has received multiple complaints regarding the conduct of players in our esports leagues and their use of this type of language as current or former representatives of our leagues.

We have reviewed all reports submitted to us and have determined that several players have exhibited unacceptable behavior. Instead of releasing individual competitive rulings for each of these players, we will be compiling all recent reports that fall under our updated hate speech policies into a multi-part ruling broken down by league.


SMITE Challenger Circuit/SMITE Open Circuit


By repeatedly using banned language and directing slurs at fellow SMITE community members via Discord or in-game, the following semi-pro players have engaged in misconduct and violated our hate speech policies:

  • Haddix
  • Oswaald
  • Sibyl
  • Bars
  • n33vy

Because there are multiple instances of misconduct, each one of these players has been banned indefinitely, effective immediately. Here is a brief overview of what constitutes an “indefinite ban” from our leagues:

  • Indefinitely banned players will not be allowed to participate in any official Hi-Rez competitions.
  • Indefinite bans do not have an “expiration date” like a suspension. A player who has been indefinitely banned must explicitly request a ban appeal from our league operations team and go through a ban appeal process. The player can only rejoin our leagues if they have shown a long-standing, demonstrable improvement in their conduct and their ban appeal is approved at the discretion of our league operations staff.
  • Indefinite bans are not permanent bans. While indefinite bans provide players with the opportunity to appeal their ban at some point in the future, a permanent ban does not allow for an appeal of any kind.


SMITE Pro League


During this investigation, a video was passed along to us that shows pro player Ben “CaptainTwig” Knight using banned language that violates our updated anti-toxicity policy. After a thorough investigation we were unable to find any other instances of this language being used. However, even one such occurrence is in violation of the standards of conduct we expect from our pro players.

In accordance with SMITE Pro League policy, CaptainTwig is receiving a two-match suspension from the league as a result of this conduct. He will be unable to play his upcoming Week 10 match, and will also be unable to play in his team’s first round of the SPL Phase 1 Playoffs. His team will have an opportunity to arrange a substitute for those games following the listed procedures in the SPL ruleset.

We also received evidence of Jacob “SoloOrTroll” High using banned language in Discord in February 2018. We have verified this evidence and determined that he has also violated our league rules. SoloOrTroll was not a member of the Renegades SPL roster at the time and this did not occur under the Renegades organization. As a result, SoloOrTroll will also receive a two-match suspension from the SMITE Pro League. He will be unable to play his upcoming Week 10 match, and will also be unable to play in the first round of the SPL Phase 1 playoffs if his team qualifies for the event. If his team does not qualify for the Playoffs, he will be suspended for the first match of Phase 2.

Additionally, we received evidence that Jacob “Wowy” Carter used banned language in Discord. After verifying these complaints, we’ve concluded that he has also violated the rules of our league. As such, Wowy is also receiving a two-match suspension from the SMITE Pro League. He will be unable to play his upcoming Week 10 match. Because Obey Alliance has not qualified for the Playoffs, he will also be unable to play the first match of Phase 2.


Relevant Rules


4.1 Participant Conduct: b. Participant will use Participant’s best efforts to display superior integrity and well-mannered behavior during the Event and for so long as Participant is or intends to remain an Event Participant. Participant shall communicate in a responsible and appropriate manner in all public forums, including, without limitation, social media platforms and inside the Game, including so as not to cause disparagement or embarrassment to Sponsor, Tournament Operator, the Event or any Participant.

d. Participant will abstain, at all times, from: (i) poor, undesirable, or negative behavior towards Sponsor, Tournament Operator, or either of Sponsor or Tournament Operator’s respective shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, professional advisors, employees, independent contractors, and agencies, or toward sponsors, other Players, or other Teams; and (ii) any action or inaction that brings either Participant(s), Sponsor, or Tournament Operator into public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule, or that shocks or offends the community or any group or class thereof, or that reflects unfavorably on Sponsor or Tournament Operator or reduces the public relations or commercial value of Sponsor’s or Tournament Operator’s association with the Events or Participant(s).

4.3.v; (g) acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, including, without limitation, (i) taking inappropriate actions toward other Players, Organizations, Representatives, the community, Administrators, League Operator personnel, or the general public, (ii) taking inappropriate actions in a SPL Game such as “intentional feeding” or collusion, (iii) repeatedly spamming emotes or other taunts in the Game, (iv) verbally taunting another Team or Player, (v) sending inappropriate messages to another Player before, during, or after a SPL Game.